I'm someone who loves to stay home. I'm never bored and always find ways to entertain myself. When I was younger I was able to stay in my room for hours without coming out for air. In one of my houses, my room was in the basement that also had its own bathroom and a mini kitchen. My mom didn't let me keep food in the kitchen because she knew that I would never go upstairs and see her.

The introvert in me has always found a way to stay home; I cancel plans a lot, I love a relaxing Friday night in and would always choose pizza delivery over a dinner out.

Most people would think this quarantine is a dream come true but I'm having more difficulty than I ever thought. It's really hard to stay in the house, to work from home day after day and enter new territory where your entire company is remote. It's hard to see people lose their jobs, lose their lives.

This isn't normal life and it's really freaking hard right now. We can't leave the house, we can't live our normal lives and there is a lot of anxiety and uncertainty surrounding us. What I find most difficult right now is not having an end date. We don't know how long this is going to last and that is enough to frighten everyone.

I shared last week my work from home tips but this week I wanted to share some tips on how to keep yourself busy.

Personally, I'm working from home Monday-Friday from 9-5 (maybe earlier, maybe later on some days) and afterward, I try to keep a schedule of dinner, showering, TV, working out, blogging, etc. This past weekend was hard since my usual plans were out of the question. I cleaned a lot, started watching Little Fires Everywhere, and read about 2-3 books.

There are so many things I could keep myself busy with during the day, when I'm not working. However, anxiety and depression is kind of preventing that right now but once I get that under control, I have a list of things to do.

If you're feeling like me, these are some small things I thought of that could help pass the time.

If anyone is struggling with their mental health right now or just need someone to vent too, please DM me on Instagram or reach out via email (briana@royallypink.com)

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Have a great day!
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