I was never a fan of Valentine's Day when I was single. I was the classically jaded girl who had had her heart broken too many times and thought celebrating a day of love was stupid.

In college, I would wear black on Valentine's Day, get drunk, and hang out with my sorority sisters. One year, my roommates and I even printed out pictures of our exes or boys we hated to love and shot nerf guns at them LOL.

As I've gotten older and now am in a serious relationship, my distaste of Valentine's Day has transformed into a love of the holiday. However, I don't necessarily think it has much to do with my boyfriend but more of the commercial aspect as well as the self-love feeling of the holiday.

I love hearts, the colors red & pink, and everything adorable that comes along with Valentine's Day. I think my mature mind has realized that Valentine's Day isn't just about romantic love but love for your family, friends, and yourself. I also use it as an excuse to buy chocolates, wear clothes & accessories adorned with hearts, and just enjoy everything being pink and red.

That being said, I wanted to share some of my favorite 'Valentine's Day' decor, clothes & accessories... the things that have been making me happy and putting me in the lovey, dovey spirit!

Gifts & Fun Accessories 

Decor (all from Target because that is where it's at this year!)

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