I am very into Valentine's Day this year and I hate that I am because it's just because I have a boyfriend (LOL) but at least I can admit it.

I love the hearts, all the red and pink and all the special beauty collections that come along with this love-filled holiday. I don't remember if Essie has done it in the past, but this year they released a special Valentine's Day Collection, in limited edition packaging and I ate it all up!

I picked up two colors from Ulta a few weeks ago and already used one of them.

"Don't Be Choco-Late" was the color I was instantly drawn to. It's a deep, chocolate brown and I feel like I don't have anything like it but I could very well be wrong. It was just so pretty and resembled a delicious box of Valentine's Day chocolates. I had to have it.

I used it a few weeks ago and it was delectable. It went on smooth as butter and didn't bleed onto my cuticles. It was a normal, awesome Essie shade and it was a pleasure to apply.

What stood out to me was the wear time. It didn't chip for 4-5 days and when it did, there was barely any wear. By the time I was ready to change my nail polish, there was hardly any chips. This was probably one of the longest wearing Essie polishes I've ever used, which is always a good thing.

As we move into the final moments of winter, I need to start wearing my darker colors more and more so I'm sure "Don't Be Choco-Late" will be in heavy rotation.

What is on your nails this Monday? 
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