For the past few years, skincare fridges have been a top skincare trend in the beauty space. From bloggers to editors to random people on Instagram, everyone seems to have hopped on the mini-fridge train.

It's something that has always intrigued me but something I didn't see the need for. A mini-fridge to just put your skincare in is not a necessity and  I didn't even know where I would put it. I figured when I moved into my own place and had more space, I'd buy myself one.

Well, that changed in December when my boss gifted me a hot pink mini-fridge. I was so ecstatic to finally have one; I immediately set it up and put all my skincare in it. I sacrificed some space in my handbag storage unit and put the mini-fridge there. Right next to my makeup drawers makes for easy access and doesn't take up much space within my actual room.

The mini-fridge is just big enough to fit a six-pack so it can fit a decent amount of skincare products. I keep all of my under eye masks in the fridge along with my rose quartz roller, my Tula Eye Balm, and eye gel pads. This makes for the most refreshing skincare experience of life.

There is something so beautiful and relaxing about cold skincare, no matter the time of day. Ideally, I spend some key moments at night after a long day or on a Saturday morning treating myself to these cold beauty items.

From what I've read, there is no proof that your skincare products being cold makes them work any better or any different, it just feels good and isn't that half of what skincare is? To feel good about yourself and savor every part of the application?

However, I think having the eye products in your collection be cold makes all the difference in helping decrease puffiness and tiredness around that area. Even when I didn't have a skincare fridge, I tried to keep these items in my regular refrigerator.

Aside from my eye products and rose quartz roller, I like to keep a few moisturizers and eye creams, like my sample of the Belief Moisturizing Eye Bomb which is my new favorite eye cream, I'll probably have to buy the full size. My Clinique Moisture Surge also has a space in the fridge because when this gel moisturizer is ice cold it makes your skin feel wonderful.

A skincare fridge is not a necessity but it makes your beauty routine feel a little more luxurious and allows you to take a few extra moments for yourself during that time. It's also something I think a lot of people are intrigued by but wouldn't purchase themselves, therefore making it the ideal gift!

Do you have a skincare fridge? What do you keep in it?

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