This was the longest week of my life, I'm almost positive. The first Monday after the holidays hit me like a ton of bricks and I wasn't ready for it. Everyone around me is sick and I'm pretty sure I am getting sick as well.

My no shopping survived a very long, weird week and I'm so excited and proud of myself. I have such a long way ahead of me but it's been pretty seamless so far. This week, I will make my first and only purchases of the month. I'm planning to finally go to the Stoney Clover popup in Manhattan after months of WANTING to go and then I need a restock of my Skyn Iceland eye masks which are part of the Ulta Beauty Skincare Event on Thursday. Otherwise, other purchases will have to wait until next month.

That little bit of shopping, that little bit of leeway will help me stay on track. As I mentioned, it's not a no-buy that I am doing, it's a low-buy because I am not stopping my shopping completely. I am me, after all.

Last night I introduced my boyfriend to some of my best friends from college and it was very exciting. I am finally merging my two worlds and it's really nice. Today, I went with my sister to get our hair blown out, going to go food shopping with my mom, and then head to my boyfriend's for the night. I'd also like to get some writing done in-between, we'll see how that happens.

There is also a Harry Potter marathon on all day so it automatically is cozier!

I hope you all have a great weekend, let's dive into the recap!

*PS: I recorded a podcast episode about my thoughts on the Duke and Duchess of Sussex aka Harry and Meghan and their big MEGIXT from the Royal Family. 

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