My mom frequently tells me that I am the best relaxer she knows. She will walk into my room on any given night, see me snuggled up underneath a blanket with my TV on; there is mood lighting, candles, and most likely a book in my hand. She says 'You're the best at relaxing' and it's very true. I have always been good at winding down and taking care of myself.

Of course, I get burnt out just like everyone else but I am really in-tune with my body and my mind so I know when I need a break. My self-care routine has always consisted of being alone in a dark room, with a good TV show on. As a natural introvert, I need to be riding solo to decompress and I relish in my alone time. 

selfcare routine-barefoot dreams blanket

As the wellness and beauty industries took hold of my brain, I have definitely added those aspects to my routine. However, my depression and anxiety sometimes make it hard to do a true self-care routine and some days it's just me throwing myself into my bed at 7 PM and not emerging until morning.

When I am in a good mood and want to take my time, this is how I achieve the ultimate feeling of self-care.

Skincare Routine

selfcare routine-jade roller-hygge mask-glossier

When I really want to get down with my self-care I pull out all the stops. I do a deep cleansing, pampering routine with all the fixings like face masks, eye & lip masks, as well as a hand or foot mask as well. 

I usually start by removing all my makeup with a Makeup Eraser, cleansing with my Clarisonic and face wash of the moment (right now, Cadulalie Milk) and then remove other makeup with Simple Micellar water. Then, I'll do my masks and finish off with serums, moisturizers, eye creams and maybe even a face mist. It makes me feel really energized, refreshed and beautiful. It puts me in the right mindset to start relaxing and unwind from the day. 


I will not have a self-care night without a scent story. That usually comes in the form of a candle, which I burn every night whether I'm treating myself or not. If I'm feeling particularly anxious, I will put some lavender, peppermint, and eucalyptus essential oils in my diffuser to really set the mood.  


There is rarely a time when I'm in my room and the TV is not on. Television is my number one form of self-care and it has been since I was a little girl. My self-care routine in 2020 definitely includes my television, whether I am paying attention or not. I might be watching Bravo or Disney+ or I have something random on while I'm on my phone or reading a book. 

On the flip side, I might turn the TV on mute while I put all my attention into the latest book I'm reading, whether that is my Kindle, Nook, iPad or a real book. I love having a good book to escape for a while. 


selfcare routine-selfcare planner

Self-care isn't just about feeling relaxed on the outside, it's about confronting your feelings and getting things off your chest so you can be your best self. To take things to the next level, I will pull out my journal and write out some thoughts from the day. I don't usually journal for long unless something particularly intense happened that day but I feel really great afterward. I received this Self-Care Planner from Adam's Media a few months ago and started using it last week; it's been really interesting and I'm definitely going to continue to incorporate it into my self-care routine.

selfcare routine-pb teen peace sign light

I mentioned before that I also add some mood lighting in the form of the peace sign above my bed (from PB Teen years ago but here is a similar one) and twinkle lights near my windows. It's also pertinent that I have a comfortable, cozy blanket with me like my GILI or Barefoot Dreams.

My self-care routine has pretty much been perfected down to the last detail and I love it so much. It brings me a lot of comfort and happiness while filling with me the utmost relaxing feeling. It's truly part of my life and a good habit. If you want to make self-care part of your life, you need to set aside time to do the things that make you feel whole.

Do you have a self-care routine? What does it consist of? Let's talk in the comments!
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