While I wrote about my favorite books and beauty products of the year, it's time to get down to the 'stuff' I loved. I've always been someone who loves THINGS; I love accessories, little random items, and anything that adds joy to my life.

Going into 2020, my goal is to buy less, save more, and not have as much STUFF. I'm not going to turn into a minimalist but I do want to get rid of some items, make mindful purchases and really enjoy the things I have.

Some of these items are newly discovered pieces from the year, others are rediscovered favorites but they all were deeply loved in 2019. These are my most used, most adored items of the year!

Slip Silk Eye Masks

Eye masks have always been a favorite of mine and I usually purchased them from Etsy or other websites. I refused to purchase a Slip one because um, they're expensive but this year I purchased my first one and now my life will never be the same. Slip Silk Eye Masks are made of the softest silk material I have ever felt. They are super comfortable on your face and aren't too tight. Mine always comes off in the middle of the night because I'm a crazy sleeper but I cannot sleep without these. I get such a sound sleep with my Slip Silk Masks, so much better than with other scratchy eye masks. If you are an insomniac and have trouble getting to sleep and staying asleep, you should try one of these eye masks. They are an investment but it's a luxury purchase that you will cherish. If you need a pick me up or a gift card laying around, I cannot recommend these enough. I have four because I'm a sucker for different designs and prints but my goodness, they are worth it!

Tory Burch Bags

In the past, my designer of choice was Kate Spade. I used to log onto the Kate Spade website at least two times a day and would save every bag or accessory I desired from them on my wishlist and take screenshots of my phone. Every item on my Christmas list was Kate Spade and I simply couldn't get enough. That changed this year when the brand got a new creative director and a completely different style. It just doesn't feel like me anymore.

Enter, Tory Burch.

I've loved Tory Burch forever but this year I fell in deeper love with the brand. There is something so timeless and beautiful about the silhouettes, designs, and colors. She released so many beautiful bags this year and I couldn't resist them! While I will be taking a break from shopping in 2020, I can confidently say at least one purchase will be a new Tory Burch bag!

Below are some bags I have my eye on!

Lele Sadoughi Headbands

I've talked plenty about my love of headbands this year and I just need to say again: I am thrilled that this trend has made its way back. For me, this year was truly the year of the headband. I purchased my first Lele Sadoughi headband and the addiction ensued. I have about 6-7 headbands and one on the way (from Revolve, on sale) and I can't get enough. I wear it when I dress up, dress down, need something a little extra or have to hide gross hair. These particular headbands are expensive but are by far the best made and most comfortable. They are worth the investment to me because I wear them so much and truly appreciate their beauty. I'm at the point where I'd rather spend money on headbands than makeup -- that's how much I love Lele Sadoughi. (My black pearl one is by far my favorite)

Stoney Clover Lane

I've been following SCL for at least a year before I purchased one of their bags in September. I love the branding, the adorable patches, the founders Kendall & Libby -- everything about the brand is extremely appealing to me. I just feel like it fits my personality and lifestyle so seamlessly. I purchased my first bag in September and then it was a rollercoaster high of Stoney Clover! I bought a few more myself, received some for my birthday and Christmas and plan to hit up their NYC store before it closes. The quality is exceptional and unlike any other pouch I have; the material is super durable and the zipper is very thick and sturdy. Plus, who doesn't LOVE customizing something with their initials or interests?

CBD Oil & Gummies

While I definitely tried CBD last year, 2019 was truly the year of CBD for me. I fell in love with Sunday Scaries gummies and adored Juna CBD Oil. Both helped my anxiety, helped me in feeling calm and were major players in me getting better sleep. I also tried a lot of CBD beauty products which was VERY exciting and they were definitely some favorites in the routine. I recently tried Lord Jones gummies as they were a Christmas gift and love them too! In 2020, I can only hope to try more CBD products including wellness and beauty!

What were your favorites of the year?
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