I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas, Hannukah, and/or everything and anything you celebrate! It was a wild few days here -- lots of people in and out of my house. I saw my Godson and cousins, was able to give them their gifts and they were so happy! Christmas is so much more fun with babies and children.

I was so exhausted on Christmas Day, I passed out at 7:30 PM, woke up at 10:30 and didn't fall asleep again until 2 AM. I am working from home until the new year so I'm very thankful for that!

It's now the weird time between Christmas and New Year where there is no sense of time or space. It doesn't matter how old you are or where you are in life, the 26th-31st is the wild, wild west. I need to get in the headspace to prepare for the new year and really try to make a fresh start, set some goals, and get on track.

Part of that includes reflecting on the year and rounding up my favorites in beauty, books, and lifestyle. I also want to look back on the top blog posts and products you guys loved to shop and read about this year. I find those posts to be really interesting so it'll be fun!

For now, I want to deep dive into the books I loved most this year. 2019 was a little light on reading because I canceled my Audible membership to save some cash but I also discovered NetGalley so I was able to read more books before they were released and/or books I wouldn't normally pick out for myself.

While previous years were very domestic thriller heavy, I found myself reaching for more fiction and lighter books.

Girls Like Us

As I just stated above, I didn't read a ton of domestic thrillers this year but "Girls Like Us" by Cristina Alger was one that stood out to me. I had it on my Kindle for months from NetGalley and once I cracked it open, I finished it within a few days. It kept me on the edge of my seat and was super interesting. I wasn't able to figure out the ending like I usually am so that's how I know it was a really well thought out book. Here's my full review.

Love on Lexington Avenue

This might've been the series of the year. 2019 will forever be known as the year I fell in love with Lauren Layne and her writing. The Central Park Pact is an incredible story about women becoming friends under weird circumstances and then each finding their own path, in their respective novels. I loved Passion on Park Avenue but Love on Lexington Avenue was my favorite so far! It's light, fun, funny, and filled with love. It's a perfect read no matter which genre you prefer. You can read the full review here, and look out for Marriage on Madison Avenue coming in the new year -- I'm sure my review will be up the moment I finish the book!

The Editor

This is another book that was sitting in my Netgalley/Kindle queue for a while. I could kick myself for not picking it up sooner! When I started reading, I had completely forgotten the summary that had enticed me in the first place. The book is centered around a man who has Jacqueline Kennedy Onasis as his book editor, in the 90s! It has so many things I love in one place: books about writing, the 90s, and Jackie O. Full review here.

Red, White & Royal Blue

I said it once and I'll say it again... this is the best book of the year. This might've been the best book I've ever read. What would happen if the First Son of the United States fell in love with the Prince of England? An international love story, that's what! "Red, White, and Royal Blue" was hilarious, heartbreaking, adorable, and pretty groundbreaking. If you read anything on this list, make it this book! Full review here.

The Book Charmer

This novel took me forever to read and I was slightly disappointed in it until the story picked up, I started paying attention and I actually understood what was happening. It turned out to be an incredibly magical book that I think all book lovers will enjoy. I don't mean if you love to read casually, I mean like you love the look, feel, and smell of books -- if books bring you an immense amount of joy, you will wholeheartedly love this book. Full review here

Honorable Mentions: 

Love At First Like, The Address, Some Choose Darkness

What were some of your favorite books of the year?!

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