We're only a few days away from August and I honestly can't wait. I'm over the summer, ready for Fall and a fresh start. Last weekend's heatwave and random thunderstorms were enough to send me over the edge and I'm just done. I didn't leave my house from Thursday-Sunday and when I did eventually venture outside, it felt like one big, gross sauna.

I'm happy that Labor Day is very early this year (September 2nd to be exact) so my unofficial start of Fall is only a few short weeks away. I want my pumpkin spice, fall candle scents, leaves, and apple picking. I want my Fall wardrobe. I am just so ready and I know some of you diehard Fall fans feel the same!

I also am itching for a new season and a fresh start. This Spring and Summer have been really difficult with freelancing and maintaining a schedule. I need cool weather to bring me hope and calm me down a bit. I've been pretty vague with what's happening but back in April, I left my job at Laura Geller for a new job and after a few weeks, that didn't work out so since then I've been freelancing and making my way back into fulltime work. All of that being said, I have really enjoyed a more flexible schedule, especially during the summer.

That being said, I had a bad week which is why there was virtually nothing on the blog. Next week will be better and that's a promise to myself that I need to keep.

I'm done whining, I suppose LOL but seriously, Fall, where art thou?

On another note, I stopped into Barnes and Noble this week for the first time in what felt like years and my goodness, it refreshed me! It was so nice to be around books, to touch the covers and flip through the pages. I picked up my next Fiona Davis novel, "The Masterpiece" so lookout for a review soon! If you haven't been inside a book store recently, go. It'll change your outlook on life and brighten your entire day.

Here's everything I loved this week!

Links I Loved 

What You Missed on Royally Pink

What I Bought This Week

The only thing(s) I picked up this week were a pair of Charlotte Tilbury lipsticks. She's having a 30% off sale on her website that includes certain items, like this Nude Lips duo that includes Super Cindy and Hepburn Honey, two shades I've been dying to try! 

Have a great weekend everyone!
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