TGIF and happy heatwave weekend! If you're in one of the hotter states this weekend, please stay inside. No one needs to be outside during this insane heat we're going to have.

All of this heat is making me go a little crazy and wishing for Fall. I saw on Instagram that stores like Homegoods and Target are starting to put out Fall items and honestly, I'm ready. I think this might be the earliest I've wanted Fall to come in a few years.

That being said, I had a hard week. I'm waiting on some news that will pretty much change my life (nothing health-wise) and it's been really difficult. I am not very patient which is why the start of the week on the blog was nonexistent. I just was not in a good headspace.

Last weekend I did mention that I was going to a bridal shower and oh my, I had the best time! If you follow me on Instagram you saw some stories and a post about it but it was a really beautiful shower. The food, drinks, and company were amazing and we played the best games -- nothing corny or over the top, just really fun! Every bridal shower should be that way.

The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale opened to the public today and I placed another order or three which I'll talk about later. My initial order of the B.P Leopard Print Cardigan got canceled as they oversold that item and it hasn't come back into stock yet. I'm so upset! I guess I will have to just get it after the sale.

I'm hoping to see The Lion King tomorrow with my boyfriend and if I do, I'll be sure to update you all on my thoughts. I haven't been that excited for the live-action Disney movies but I think The Lion King is going to be incredible.

That's enough talking, let's dive into the week!

Links I Loved

What You Missed on Royally Pink

What I Bought This Week

After having a good look through the sale, I'm not overly impressed by EVERYTHING. I definitely shopped but focused on the things I needed. I didn't buy any sweaters (I have so many from last year) but stocked up on my Zella leggings, bought a new pair of Spanx and finally splurged on the Spanx Faux Leather Leggings. I, of course, got my Diptyque candles and decided on a beautiful sheer top from Chelsea28. Everything is linked below, along with a few other purchases not from the Nordstrom Sale. 

Have a great weekend and stay cool!

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