This was the longest month ever... I think July always has a tendency to be insanely long. We're just getting into the swing of summer, 4th of July kicks off the month and the heat really picks up. This month felt like it was eight weeks long instead of four and I'm happy to say goodbye to it!

It was a difficult month for me, a lot of waiting and uncertainty. I blame it on Mercury Retrograde and I am perfectly fine with that explanation. It just made me feel weird and out of whack all month long. That all ends tomorrow night so once July is over, I hope some of my worries go away.

Also once July is over, we're one step closer to Fall and you already know how I feel about that. I'll spare you another rant.

I loved a lot of different things during the month of July, a lot of new beauty products (which are coming up in a post next week) but these were by far my favorites.

valentino rock studs, charlotte tilbury, tory burch logo necklace

Tory Burch Logo Necklace

I purchased this necklace in mid-June and it's pretty much the only thing I wear. I've been having a love affair with Tory Burch items lately and when I saw this necklace on Tory Burch's website, I had to have it. I found it on eBay and immediately ordered it for a great price. It lays on my neck like a choker with a little more room, goes with everything, and is just a beautiful piece. I love the logo detailing because it's not overbearing, it's just the right amount of logo. I have also developed a weird habit of constantly playing with this necklace while it's on my neck because it is the perfect length. I hate necklaces that are too long or too short and I think I finally found my perfect fit.

Charlotte Tilbury PeachGasm Beauty Wand

In addition to loving Tory Burch, my love of Charlotte Tilbury has reached new heights this month. I've purchased a few more of her products and I have a list a mile long. I've been dying to try out her Beauty Light Wands and after a review or two of the new PeachGasm one, I decided to pick it up. This Light Wand is more of a blush than a highlighter and that's exactly how I've been using it. Just two dots on each cheek, blend it out and you have the most beautiful peachy glow. You don't even need a highlighter because this has enough dew to get you through. The formula is so creamy, so easy to blend -- I need every shade of the Light Beauty Wand, including a traditional contour and highlighter. If you love cream blush, you will surely love this Charlotte Tilbury item.

fiona davis book and smooth sexy hair

Real Books

For some reason this month I've been into physical books... like a lot. I received a few books in my InfluenceHer Collective Essentials Kit and have been flying through them. Last week I went into Barnes and Noble for the first time in forever and had an overwhelming sense of calm and ease come over me. I picked up another physical book and now that's all I can think of. All I want is to spend my days in the library and/or a book store, and buy all the physical books! It's so relaxing and so therapeutic for me. It's an amazing feeling. 

Sexy Hair Smooth and Seal

I have no idea where I got this from but I found it under my sink and started using it this month. Now, I don't know how I will ever live without it! My hair is very frizzy, especially in this summer heat and I need help taming it. Whether I'm wearing my hair curly or straight, a few sprays of this over my strands help keep any frizz at bay while also helping keep it smooth. Before this, I've used oils and dry conditioner and while those products are great, this is specifically made for 'anti-frizz and shine'. If you've been having trouble with your frizzy hair, this is going to be your new best friend.

valentino rock studs

Valentino Rock Stud Flats

We all know that I love a good designer good but one thing I never really spend money on is shoes. I ruin shoes way too easy to buy a pair that is over $150 (I say that because I love my Jack Rogers sandals and they're quite pricey). The only pair I have spent significant money on is my SJP Newspaper shoes. I would never spend money on a pair of rubber sandals with some studs, no matter how pretty they are. However, my mom had a pair of new Valentino Rock Stud Sandals; she couldn't really wear them anymore because they were so flat and it was uncomfortable for her. I tried them on, they just fit and now I've been wearing them for weeks. These are my new favorite shoes that I have to stop myself from wearing them. They're comfortable, beautiful, and make any outfit look better. They dress a look up or down, depending on what you're going for and I fully believe you need a pair, or at least an Amazon dupe. *I've purchased the Amazon dupe in the past but got the wrong size so I gave them to my aunt. They look and feel just like the real thing! 

What did you love this month?
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