I have been killing the book game lately; just constantly reading and finishing books makes me feel like a superhero. Also, all the books I've been reading have been incredible! This book, "The Stranger Inside", I finished a month or so ago but haven't gotten around to reviewing it.

The Plot

Kimber Hannon comes home from a trip to find a stranger living in her house. She didn't rent her house to him, didn't sell it, and has no idea how this happened. What she does know is that she has a bad feeling from this man and he has her signature on paperwork for renting... paperwork she didn't sign.

From there, Kimber's life unravels. Secrets from her past start to come undone, her ex-boyfriend is her lawyer, she's lying to her best friend, and feels uneasy about the stranger living in her house. She knows he knows something about her and she knows that she wasn't the one who signed that paperwork but who was it?

Kimber eventually figures out the mystery of the man inside on her own and he knows about one of her secrets, a secret she has never revealed to anyone but that is only half the battle for her. There is so much that happens in this book, related and unrelated to the mystery man living in Kimber's house and it's more than she bargained for.

My Thoughts

The Stranger Inside definitely started out a little slow for my liking. It might've been my fault for not putting my all into it but it felt confusing and I couldn't figure out what was going on. The protagonist, Kimber, was slightly annoying so that made it more difficult to get into the plot.

However, that quickly changes once you are fully immersed in what's going on and clearly paying attention. You become invested in what this man might know about Kimber, what exactly happened all those years ago with her and her sister, and everything else going on.

Just like all my other favorite novels, this one had a few intense twists and a few that made me audibly yelp.

You definitely find out who the man is, what he knows and what his agenda is but that isn't half of the mystery. The ending is twisted, insane and incredibly satisfying.

There isn't anything that truly sets this novel apart from other domestic thrillers but if you like the idea of mistaken identities, failed love, friendships, sisterhood, and truly messed up characters you will definitely be attracted to this novel. And like I said, it has one of the wildest endings I've ever read and that is what changed the game for me. Without that final twist of fate, I might've not even reviewed this book!

What book are you reading this week?
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