I was shopping in Target a few weeks ago and came across the most gorgeous nail polish. The color "Strike a Rose" was for lack of a better word... striking. It's the most stunning neon pink color that screams summer. and would look insane against tanned skin.

It was on the "new' display so I assumed it was part of the Essie 2019 Summer collection and I was right. I couldn't leave the beautiful nail polish just sitting there, begging to be taken home. Therefore I bought it and immediately painted my nails with the new, neon pink color when I got home.

Well, I did not do my research properly. The Summer 2019 collection is a demi-matte collection which means that it dries down only with a slight sheen, not like a full out cream. I found this out when I applied it and the polish started to dry.

I am not a fan of matte nail polishes -- I don't like the way they make my nails/hands look and I find that they chip faster. If I would've known that the collection was demi-matte I definitely wouldn't have purchased it.

The formula of this polish is alright -- it felt a little patchy and was slightly messy. It chipped within a day, even with the Essie Gel Couture topcoat (which I have been using even without the Gel Couture polish). However, it did dry down to a nice semi cream finish after I applied the top coat.

I liked the shade and will probably wear it multiple times throughout the summer because it's just so beautiful and I have it in my collection but it by no means is my favorite polish ever. However, if you like a demi-matte finish, you will probably enjoy this collection!

What is on your nails this Monday?
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