Two months ago, my best friend since I was 5 years old got engaged and it was an amazing proposal, an amazing day and I'm just so incredibly excited. Before that, three of my other longtime friends got engaged so I have a ton of weddings coming up in the next two years.

You may not know this about me but I am super into weddings/bridal/all things planning a wedding. Have I ever planned a wedding? NOPE. However, my mom has planned a ton of parties in her life and I remember when she was planning my confirmation party (she planned a party for my entire class -- did the decor, menu, collected the money, and did the seating arrangements), I was intrigued. She also planned my sweet 16 and I obviously helped her with that and I just love all things party planning.

That being said, I get really excited about all the components that come along with an engagement; cute, personalized gifts, showers, bachelorette parties, brunches -- I just want to be involved with it all.

For this particular engagement of my BFF, I was super stoked to put together a little basket to celebrate. I think it's the sorority girl in me because I love putting together baskets and little crafts... it's just so much fun!

The minute she got engaged I went online to pick up a few items that would pair nicely together for an engagement basket. I think despite your bride's style you will be able to find a variation of products to help her celebrate!

What I Put in the Engagement Basket

Kate Spade Ring Dish: 

A special dish or jewelry box is such a great gift to start off their engagement off right. I bought one for my mom when she got engaged months ago and I knew that it would be my go-to for all the ladies in my life. There are so many options and it helps them keep their ring separate from other pieces of jewelry, but it's also really special. Personally, I love having a special piece of decor to celebrate a milestone. 

Baublerella Bling Brush:

I first heard of this product through two of my favorite bloggers, Emily Gemma and Katey McFarlan. This is an on the go jewelry/ring cleaner that makes keeping your engagement ring shiny and beautiful. I also bought my mom this when she got engaged and she continually says it's the best thing she could've ever gotten. I think you should gift every bride this pen because it's something that is practical, easy to travel with and is a product they will always use.

Wine Glass

Can I be more basic? Probably but I love a good, cute wine glass and that DEFINITELY comes from my sorority life. I wanted to buy a cute wine glass that could be decor or be used for drinking and found this adorable one from Amazon


Inside the wine glass, I obviously put a mini bottle of champagne. If your bride isn't into champs, put her favorite drink and if she doesn't drink alcohol, you can definitely put some coffee, tea, sparkling water -- anything to get her through wedding planning!

By no means do you have to gift something outside of an engagement party, bridal shower, wedding but I think to give a friend something small and meaningful to celebrate with her is really special.

Below are a few other picks for what to gift your bride BFF or anyone else in your life! 

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