Mascara has always been part of my beauty routine and aside from eyeliner and lipgloss, was probably the first beauty product I ever tried. I've definitely gone through phases with it, where I really enjoyed mascara and when I didn't even bother with it but nowadays, I never leave the house without it. Sometimes I'm tempted to wear it to the gym, and sometimes I do.

I look so much more alive with mascara on and feel so much better. To me, nothing is cooler than some highlight on the cheeks and wispy lashes. That is the perfect every day, 'I didn't try' look.

Over the years I've tried a lot of mascaras that I've loved, liked, and didn't love. Mascaras are some of my favorite beauty products to try because you know immediately if it works. You get instant gratification with mascara which is really cool.

Just like I've gone through phases with wearing mascara, I've gone through phases of which mascaras are my favorite. Right now, these are my all time favorites -- some are new to me and I've only purchased one tube and others I've gone through countless tubes.

You'll see a trend in the mascaras I like. I really prefer a thick, hourglass brush that has a lengthening and volumizing formula. My lashes have always been really long so I really liked the extra volume. Recently my lashes have gotten shorter so I curl them before applying mascara and that helps a lot.

Ok, now let's get into it...

Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara 

There is a reason this is one of the best selling mascaras ever. There is a reason it's called Better Than Sex. I've used so many tubes of this I've lost count. It volumizes, lengthens, separates and makes my lashes black as black. It is my go-to mascara and when I don't have it in my collection, I miss it. This is the OG hourglass wand that made me fall in love. I feel like it hugs my lashes perfectly and really coats each one so everything is uniform. If you haven't tried it, I recommend picking it up to see what the fuss is about! 

*I have tried the waterproof version and didn't like it nearly as much as the original.

MILK Kush Mascara

When I received a sample of this in my Sephora order, I was super excited. A cannabis mascara? YES! Then I tried the formula and was blown away. It wasn't as wet as Better Than Sex, has just a thick of a wand but is more tapered than hourglass. This formula really lengthens my lashes, more than any other mascara I've used (it looks like I have false lashes on, seriously). It doesn't add as much volume but it doesn't clump either which is awesome. 

Laura Geller Lashboss

I'm pretty sure this mascara is being discontinued soon and I'm going to cry when it is. This mascara is life changing! It is a dual-sided brush that has a triple benefit complex that lengthens, curls, and volumizes (can you tell I used to write the copy for this product????). You can use either side of the brush or use both at the same time by twisting the brush as you coat your lashes. I would say this is the most lengthening and separating mascara in my collection and when I want a more natural look, this is what I use. 

Benefit Roller Lash

I remember when Benefit Roller Lash came out and was able to test it out before the release date. I fell in love and used my little travel tube to the last drop. I purchased it when it was released and have repurchased maybe 4-5 times after. This is another mascara that I miss when I don't have it; it really curls my lashes and does a great job at separating them. I would say this is most similar to the Lashboss formula because it's a little on the dry side, in the best way possible.

Honorable mention: 

Lancome Monsieur Big Mascara. I've only used one tube so I only want to mention it shortly. It's a very wet formula but has a big, thick brush that grabs ahold of your lashes and coats them while also curling and lengthening them. This is a slightly clumpy formula but it's nothing that really bothers me. 

What are your favorite mascaras? Give me suggestions!


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