Jesus, what a week and not in a good way. More on that soon because it's a little too early to talk about it but let's say I ran into some issues this week and my life is not where it was a week ago. I'm fine, my family is fine, everyone is fine it's just a huge change came my way and it's an adjustment.

In happy news, my best friend since I was 4 years old got engaged to her boyfriend of 10 years! They met in high school, and I remember being 16 years old and just so infatuated with their relationship. It's wild that they're finally engaged and I'm just so over the moon excited that I spent a good 45 minutes crying on Thursday afternoon.

All that said, the weekend is here and it's much needed. I don't have any big plans so we'll see what happens.

My head is fuzzy today so let's just get into the links of the week.

Links I Loved

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