I've seen this nail polish all over the Internet for years but it wasn't until a few weeks ago that I realized it was available in my local Target store. The story behind this line is that it's eco-friendly, 7 free nail polish that has a high end formula.

The polishes clock in at $10, which is just a dollar or two more than Essie and OPI, depending on where you purchase from. I find the packaging completely adorable, with the square bottle and little elephant logo... it's just so chic and aesthically pleasing.

Before buying my first Ella + Mila polish this past weekend, I had no idea about the brand but now I kind of want to know everything about it. They have a great website  and even better social media so definitely check it out if this sparks your interest! *They also have some makeup products which is super interesting!

Now, onto the important part of this post... the nail polish.

I picked up the color "Time to Start a Bond Fire". It looks very similar to Essie's "Angora Cardi" but a little lighter and probably more apprioprate for year round wewar. It was also the only color that appealed to me from everything at Target.

I was pretty excited to use this color and try out a new polish formula... so excited I painted my nails yesterday.

The brush is similar to a normal nail polish brush, what the old Essie polsihes have... just a thin, long brush. However, the moment the brush hits your nails you can tell that something is different; I was able to cover my entire nail in just two swipes.

The formula is so smooth, smoother than any other polish I've ever used. It doesn't clump nor does it spread onto your cuticles and skin easily. It was really weird... how it just stayed on the nail and didn't bleed. To me, that's the sign of an expectionally good polish.

I applied two even coats, then applied my Essie Gel Couture top coat and finished it off with my Julep Ta-Da Quick Dry Drops.... this has been my finishing nail routine for a while. Since I only applied it yesterday I can't speak to chipping but it dried really nicely so we will see how it holds up on my fussy nails.

I have to say I was super impressed by this formula and as I was painting my nails, I was audibly gasping because I was so shocked and excited at how good this polish is.

The color is also really gorgeous -- it's not as autumn themed as I thought and is really a beautiful shade for year round wear. I need to get my butt back to Target, or order from Ulta because this is for sure my new favorite brand.

Have you ever tried Ella + Mila? What were your thoughts?

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