Since starting Royally Pink, I have been very open about my mental health. When I realized I had anxiety, I never shied away from sharing my story. I thought it was important to talk about and normalize it because if I normalized it, I no longer felt like I was suffering from some dirty little secret.

I wear my anxiety like a badge of honor, even on the days where it prevents me from getting out of the house. I was never embarrassed by it and really talk about it any chance I get. I'm also pretty positive I talked about it on my first date with my now boyfriend.

As I learn more about myself and my anxiety and mental health, in general, I realize how key it is to just keep talking. The more we discuss mental health the stronger we all become.

When I found out that April was stress awareness month, I thought it was a great time to talk more about mental health... not just anxiety but stress even more.

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77% of Americans say they regularly suffer from physical symptoms of stress. Everyone can and will experience stress at some point in their life, but there is a difference in letting stress take over your life. No matter who you are, stress does not discriminate.

If you're experiencing stress, you most likely have a reason for it. Whether it's school, work, family life, a situation with friends... stress comes up in the most peculiar ways. However, stress is incredibly manageable and most of the stress we experience in life will pass, even if it doesn't seem like it will at the time.

Personally, my stress becomes a problem when it overcomes me and I can't see the light at the end of the tunnel. When I'm overly stressed that's when I tend to have heightened anxiety and it all muddles together.

When I'm stressed, there are a few things that really help me and they are slightly different from my anxiety cures.

  • Write -- whether it's making a to-do list or just writing out a stream of consciousness 
  • Take a walk to clear my head
  • Talk it out with someone
  • Use a stress ball or some other weird habit to distract yourself from what's going on
  • Drink water (I don't know why but this helps me so much when I'm stressed or anxious)
  • Breathe in for 4 counts, hold for 4 counts and breathe out for 4 counts 

For stress awareness month, try to do at least one of these things:

  • Talk about stress as much as possible -- preach it if you will, to make those more aware and understanding
  • Share your coping skills with others
  • If someone in your life is stressed, spend a little more time talking to them and helping them through it
  • Read up about stress, mental health and educate yourself further -- you might think you're an expert but there is always room to learn more.

If you ever feel stressed, anxious or just need to talk, please feel free to email me! I'm always here <3


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