This is the first Weight Watchers Wednesday of 2019 and it's already the end of March! I decided that I wasn't going to make this a monthly series anymore because truthfully, there isn't that much to update on. I have been yoyoing with my weight and I'm not proud of it.

I decided that I was going to just share a Weight Watchers Wednesday post when I had something to share, and here we are!

In the past, I've shared low point recipes and my favorite Trader Joe finds but I don't think I ever touched on my go-to's in a normal grocery store.

My mom does a full grocery shop for the house every week but then I usually go at least once on the weekend to pick up a few things or see what is new and low in points. It's easier if I go because I can scan the food I'm curious about...

These are items that have become staples for me and are constantly on the weekly food shopping list.

Steamfresh Veggie Pasta

These are a little controversial in the Weight Watchers community because there is an issue with the nutritional information on the bag. The bag says that there are 2.5 servings aka 2.5 cups in the bag but when you measure it out, there is only one cup, therefore, the entire bag is 3-5 points depending on what kind of pasta you get.

Now that we have the controversy out of the way... I didn't think I'd like these because I hate all things vegetables but wow, I love this pasta so much. I am in the midst of a strong love affair with the pasta and I eat them at least once a week. My favorites are the Rotini Alfredo (4sp for 1 cup) and Penne Cheddar Cheese Sauce (5sp for 1 cup). There are a lot of other flavors and they really do not taste like vegetables. 

There is a slightly weird taste to all of them like they don't taste like real pasta with real sauce but man, they are delicious. I seriously crave them when I haven't eaten them for a while. It's also great for me because each bag is a serving of vegetables and I for sure am not getting my daily veggie intake.

Mini Synders Pretzels

When I started Weight Watchers, I knew snacking was going to be an issue. However, I was pleasantly surprised when I discovered my favorite pretzels were 3sp for 20. These make a great midday snack (I usually eat mine on the train to and/or from work because I get so peckish on public transportation) and the crunch is super satisfying. 

Light Whole Grain Bread

As Oprah exclaims in her WW commercials, 'I can eat bread!' and that was really the only thing I cared about when starting Weight Watchers. I cannot live without carbs so knowing there was a low point sandwich bread out there was a saving grace. I found a light, 45 calorie bread that is 2sp for 2 slices. I use this for toast, sandwiches and grilled cheeses - it's a lifesaver. 

Babybel Lite Cheese

Cheese is another item I cannot live without so when I found out that the Lite (blue packaging) Babybel cheese was only 1 point, I was thrilled. This is a tiny snack that really feels me up and I can't even explain why. It's the perfect mid-day snack for me and gives me the cheese satisfaction that I crave. 

Honorable mentions include veggie sticks, Thomas Lite Multigrain English Muffins, Sargento Low Fat Shredded Cheese, Skinnypop Popcorn, Oscar Mayer Ready to Eat Bacon, Sugar-Free Chocolate Pudding.

Let me know what your favorite WW products are at the grocery store!
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