Happy Friday! Boy, what a week this was! There are a lot of changes happening in my life, all of which are exciting and those changes really manifested themselves this week. I will tell you more in the coming days but I'm excited!

It's been an exciting week really; last Saturday I went to my childhood friend's engagement party and got really emotional. I grew up with her and my two other childhood BFFs were there, and it was just surreal to be celebrating someone's engagement. I remember when we were crying over boys in elementary school or dancing together at the 8th-grade dance and now we were dancing together at the first engagement party. It was very surreal and wild, but so much fun!

Then I was hungover all day Sunday (whoops!) and then the week got busy/full of changes. I'm excited to have a weekend to myself since my boyfriend is out of town and my friends are busy, so I'll be hunkering down for some R & R!

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