I've talked about my love of true crime in the past, mostly through my book reviews. I would say about 75% of the books I've read in the past four years have been a mystery/domestic thriller. I can directly link that to my obsession with true crime.

I'm truly addicted to true crime whether it's binging the new Ted Bundy docu-series, watching 20/20 on a Friday night or even reading a memoir from a serial killer's daughter.

I think some of that obsession has come from the fact that I listen to so many true crime podcasts. True crime podcasts have really set the world on fire and I think we owe that all to Serial, the first viral podcast that happened to be based on a murder.

In 2019, it feels like there's a new true crime podcast popping up daily and it can be hard to keep up with them all. I'm always looking for a new pod to listen to and it's even better if it has that criminal twist to it.

I know true crime isn't for everyone and there have definitely been some podcasts that I've had to stop because it's too gruesome or twisted. Not all true crime has to be that way, though; true crime can be fraud or scams, not just murder, and kidnapping.

Must Listen True Crime Podcasts

True Crime Garage

This is probably my favorite podcast because it doesn't focus on one crime. Each week is a different story and you learn so much about the ins and outs of the case. Some of them are solved, some are not but they pull you in. The hosts are also really great; they are great storytellers and don't do too much commentary. They give you the hard facts and help you really understand what is going on. 

Generation Why

This is a very similar podcast to True Crime Garage; it is the same formula. It is equally as good in my opinion. The hosts are similar as they don't provide too much commentary and really stick to the facts.

Broken Harts

This was a podcast from Glamour that recently ended. It revolved around a case of two women who adopted six children... that all sounds well and good until one day, one of the women drives the entire family off a cliff. There were reports of child abuse beforehand, and it was just a really sad story. It also opened up the conversation of adoption and how the process works. 


This is another podcast that recently ended and completely broke my heart. Susan Powell goes missing and of course, her husband, Josh, is the suspect. It is so much more than that because Josh was completely controlling, was emotionally abusive and a whole bunch of other uncovered secrets. 

The Dropout

Ok, another podcast that just ended! This is the story of Elizabeth Holmes who was the founder of Theranos, a failed biotech company. She's on trial now because the entire company was a scam, and everyone is clamoring for her story. I had never heard of this story before so it was totally new to me; it was incredibly interesting and it's nice to be caught up while it's in the news. There is a 20/20 episode on the case tomorrow which I cannot wait to watch! 

Honorable mentions: Teacher's Pet, Serial (obviously), Dr. Death, Dirty John, 

What are your favorite true crime podcasts?

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