For the past year or so, I've been using a Louis Vuitton MM Agenda as my planner and I don't really know how I used anything else. I love the chic style that comes with carrying Vuitton but also love the personalization and freedom I have to create my perfect planner.

I've tried so many inserts over the past year from different websites and random Etsy shops; I've taken recommendations from planner Facebook groups, Youtube, and just from my own browsing. There are definitely some popular inserts that I've loved, some I've hated and some hidden gems.

I wanted to take you through the inserts that have worked for me in case you are looking for new inserts for your own personal planner.

Minted Sugar

When I first got into the planner game, Minted Sugar was the first shop that I found and really liked. I've used both personal and pocket pages and I find that everything is consistent between the sizes. They have pretty paper, nice fonts and so many choices of layouts. The paper is thick but not too thick which I think is key. Pens don't bleed through them, they're easy to turn, and they don't rip easily. I've learned that these things are important when it comes to planner pages.

All of their inserts come in a variety of sizes and colors: marble, white, grey, pink. I've purchased and used the Lined Notepaper and the Monthly Dated Inserts which is just a monthly calendar for the entire year.

My favorite insert is the Weekly Dated/Detailed Classic Inserts. It has a notes page, a weekly overview of your top three priorities, a to-do list, and a to-buy list. At the bottom, there is also a tracker for three habits. Then once you flip the page, there is a space for each day like a traditional planner. It is a great organizational tool and a must-have for all planners!

Sessa Vee

There are planner inserts for literally everything and anything you could ever want and I've learned very quickly that Sessa Vee is a good place for them. When I was thinking about what I wanted for my 2019 planner, I wanted to have sections for different uses and I knew that Sessa Vee would have everything I was looking for.

First, I ordered the Weekly Planner Inserts which have been awesome! I love the bullet points to list my to-dos and the hydration tracker. I thought that these might be a little small for me to write everything in but I adjusted quickly and I have more than enough space.

I love the clean black and white look and the semi-glossy paper; it gives such a cool look to my planner.

In addition to the Weekly Inserts, I have the undated agenda pages and Doctor's Appointments (I haven't used the doctor appointment pages yet but I used the Undated Agenda pages for days that are particularly busy. There's so much space to write and organize your day, it's so nice! I might need to stock up on more and start using them daily.

Sessa Vee has so many other inserts and these are a few that I want to try: Project Notes, Order Tracker, and Meal Plan.

*One thing I will say about Sessa Vee is that they have so many inserts and the website isn't organized that well so I have a hard time distinguishing between everything.  

Cloth and Paper

Cloth and Paper are the OG of the planner insert game; they have gorgeous pieces, a monthly subscription box and they even sell their own planners. I love following them on Instagram and they provide such great inspiration.

Girl Gang


I only have two inserts from C&P but I do have their CEO and Girl Gang dividers which are awesome! The two inserts I have are Capsule Notes and Monthly Expenses (which I have not used yet)

As I go through the website, I find more and more inserts I want: Media Content Pages and Habit Tracker Pages

Honorable Mention

I picked up this 2019 monthly calendar pack from Life Potion and I am OBSESSED. It was a total spur of the moment purchased and I'm so glad I did it. I have the design "Mademoiselle" and it's so girly, pink, and perfect!

The monthly calendar layout is bigger than I expected, has a nice notes page, and a great overview page with goals, to buy list and more. I love when I find a random gem on Etsy and it becomes a favorite. I'll definitely be buying more Life Potion pages in the future!

If you want a closer look at my 2019 agenda, I did an entire video on my Youtube channel. 

Do you use planner insert pages? What are your favorites?
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