It seems that I am never happy with my planner choices and I can never seem to find "planner peace". I get bored easily and like to switch things up frequently. This year, I thought that would be different because I really fell in love with my Lilly Pulitzer agenda again.

That all changed when I stumbled across an Erin Condren sale, a few planning videos and became intrigued. I had, of course, heard of Erin Condren before but was not intrigued by it. The planners looked too big, I wasn't a fan of the vertical layout and it just seemed weird to decorate a planner so much.

However, something inside me clicked and I was drawn to it this year. I decided to purchase an Erin Condren Life Planner, put my Lilly one on the shelf and then use my Louis Vuitton MM Agenda as my every day/come with me a planner. Erin Condren stays at home and is the main book while LV travels with me to work and acts more like an all in one notebook.

So, that is how I ended up with an Erin Condren Life Planner.

royallypink-erin condren-royallyplanned
Star Sky Cover

I've been using it since October and really feel like I have a great understanding of how it works for me and I have to say, I'm obsessed.

I love that it's so customizable and so unlike any other planner I've ever used. Erin Condren has so many different interchangeable covers which I took advantage of for the holidays and will continue to use. She has many different dashboards that provide different uses; I have the monthly bills and the to-do dashboard but really the possibilities are endless and I need to expand my collection.

royallypink-erin condren-royallyplanned
Halloween cover

royallypink-erin condren-royallyplanned
Pumpkin Cover

royallypink-erin condren-royallyplanned
Christmas cover Etsy Shop

As for the actual planner, there are planner pages at the beginning that you can use however you want, whether for monthly goals, bills, really anything you want. I haven't found a real use for them yet but it doesn't feel like wasted space because there's only two in the huge planner.

royallypink-erin condren-royallyplanned

royallypink-erin condren-royallyplanned

For every month, there is a blank page and a monthly overview. I love how big the planner is and how there is so much space to write.

royallypink-erin condren-royallyplanned

royallypink-erin condren-royallyplanned

Each week is laid out vertically with three sections, I usually use one for a to-do list, another for random notes, and one for decor or it's left empty. You can see how I decorate the planner in the videos below!

On each weekly view, there is a box and a list of lines but those usually go unused for me. Sometimes I just don't have enough to write.

royallypink-erin condren-royallyplanned

I have to say, I was very skeptical about decorating a planner but I have grown to really love it. It's very inspiring, therapeutic and fun -- it almost feels like scrapbooking.

royallypink-erin condren-royallyplanned

I'm pleasantly surprised by how much I love Erin Condren planners and I could see how addictive they become and why they are so popular. She has so many different varities from vertical to horizontal, hourly, teacher and student planners.

Below are a few videos that I've done all about my Erin Condren planner!

Have you ever tried the Erin Condren Life Planner?
What are your thoughts?

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