Nail polish has been a staple for me for years. I think it all goes back to the fact that in elementary school, I wasn't allowed to wear nail polish and felt restricted for so many years. I love changing up my color and matching my nails to my outfit, season, or holiday. My nails are never not painted and if they aren't, I'm usually at home just letting them breathe.

I have a collection of over 40 nail colors and am very strict about what I wear during the Fall/Winter and Spring/Summer. Light colors stay in the back during the winter and vice versa. I always have my nude colors in front because they are always in season.

We're at the point in the year where the holidays are over and winter is truly here. This is probably my favorite time of year for nail polish because I find the dark colors so cozy and chic. I have so many dark polishes and sometimes in the heat of summer, I fight the urge to paint my nails navy blue. *I know this rule is dumb but it's like not drinking peppermint mocha in August, it just feels wrong*

Most of my favorite nail colors are still in rotation today, other's were limited edition but you can surely find something similar from your favorite nail polish brand.

*I also did a post on my favorite sumer colors

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Essie Cashmere Bathrobe

I don't know where I discovered this color, maybe it was while browsing on Ulta and the name drew me in but wow, it's a gorgeous grey/blue shade. It feels like a cozy night by the fireplace or an afternoon skiing. I'm so happy when I have this on my nails because it has the smallest bit of glitter and sheen, making it look a little more dimensional.

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Essie Go With the Flowy

This is definitely classified as a light color but something about it screams winter. It's not a light color that I would ever wear in the summer because it feels cozy and has a glint to it that looks like the sun reflecting on snow. I purchased it last year and wore it to death. Last week was the first time I applied it this season and I forgot how much I truly loved this color. It's one of my favorite grey polishes ever.

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Essie Virgin Snow

When this was released a few winters ago, I became obsessed. It still remains one of my favorites, the name playing a big part of that. *I'm so weird when it comes to nail polish names, sometimes the name makes me love a color even more* "Virgin Snow" is a gorgeous lavendar shade that has a touch of blue and grey to it. *Do we see a pattern? LOVE blue & grey for winter* Virgin Snow is no longer available but keep an eye out for it, who knows where it could pop up. Essie Envy also has a nice comparison chart for this shade as well as others

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Essie Haute Tub

This is such a unique shade and a typical color you would expect to rock during the colder months. It is a black base with a ton of glitter and some holographic shifts to it. It almost has a purple hue to it, which might be the glitter. It looks so pretty on the nails and gives me a very chic vibe. This is another limited edition one but Essie Envy did another good comparison post. 

OPI Blak Dress Not Optional

When I heard that OPI was doing a Breakfast at Tiffanys collection a few years ago, I was instantly obsessed. I was even more obsessed when I was able to take home the entire collection from a collab we did at work. I definitely have my favorites in the collection but "Black Dress Not Optional" is probably my number one. It is a plain black polish with a little sheen to it but nothing really noticeable. That's why I love it, because it's so simple and feels very fancy. I wore it on NYE this year and paired it with the next and final color on this list. *A similar color would probably be Licorice by Essie*

OPI Champagne for Breakfast

I don't wear a ton of glitter top coats but I do have a handful in my collection. I love the name of this which is why I always wear it on New Years Eve. It isn't full of chunky glitter, just nice, small specks which creates a really pretty effect. I love that the glitter is mainly silver but has some gold and blue/green tints to it as well, it creates a really pretty finish and adds a little dimension. This isn't available but Essie does have a similar shade.  The Essie Luxeeffects Glitter Top Coat has very chunky glitter, the shade "Set in Stones" is a close as you can get to the OPI. 

What are your favorite nail colors to wear in the winter?

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