Refinery29 has had a series for a number of years called "Money Diaries". It follows the spending of women from all over the world over seven days. You are given information like their occupation, salary, rent, and any other monthly/yearly expenses and then you read about their spending habits.

Money Diaries is incredibly addictive and being the nosey person I am, I really love reading them. It's so interesting to see how other people spend their money and follow the lives of real women around the world. I love reading about their daily lives and it gives me a lot of insight into my own finances. If you've never read a Money Diaries, I highly recommend you do so now.

Because the series became such a hit, Refinery29 put together an entire finance bible entitled "Money Diaries." When I heard about this being released, I marked September 2018 on my calendar and patiently waited.

I pre-ordered it and was so happy when it was finally delivered on my doorstep.


If you are having trouble with your finances, need help understanding the world of finance, and really just need to get your bank account into shape, please read this book. It has completely changed my world, my outlook on life, and kind of scared the crap out of me in the best way possible.

The book takes you on a financial journey, teaches you how to save and what to save and how much. It teaches you everything you need to know about credit cards, loans, buying a house and saving for your kids. Money diaries are sprinkled throughout the book and you even get a little interview with the diarist at the end to help you better understand them and their spending.

It is quite the long book and took me a few months to get through it, especially because it gave me little bouts of anxiety. There were some chapters I skipped over like the ones about kids and only skimmed the section about joining together your finances with your signficant other. I will hit those chapters when it's time for me.

I cannot say enough good things about "Money Diaries". It is the financial bible that everyone needs in their collection. It answers any question you have and puts it into terms that you can understand and apply to your life.

Has anyone read "Money Diaries"? What did you think?

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