If you've been reading this blog for a while, you know how much I love to stay indoors and how much I love the hygge lifestyle. Hygge is the Danish word to acknowledge the feeling or moment of cozy, charming and special. It could be alone or with friends, at home or out but either way, it is meant to be described as a warming, cozy feeling.

I've always been someone who loved being cozy and content at home so it's nice to have a word to describe it.

I did a post at the beginning of the year with the products you need for the perfect hygge experience but now I want to go into more detail on what to do to really relax and become one with hygge. I thought the week before Christmas and a few days before the winter solstice was the perfect time to discuss.

Some things to note before we get into the nitty-gritty; you can have hygge alone or with a small group of friends. I also think it's important to have the right temperature in the area where you are having a hygge night. My ideal temperature is warm but not overly hot because you want to be able to breathe and not sweat under blankets.

Also, if you're planning on having a winter hygge night at home, I highly recommend setting yourself up by your Christmas tree. There is nothing more beautiful and comforting than laying on the couch while your Christmas tree lights twinkle as you're watching a Christmas movie. There is nothing that makes me happier.

*Bonus points if it's snowing or raining!

Now onto the real stuff...


Hygge to me means being comfortable. That means your clothes, your environment and the company you are keeping. When I'm having a winter hygge night, I'm in baggy sweatpants and a big, comfortable sweatshirt. Then, I make sure I'm in a comfortable space whether that is on my couch or in my bed. I make sure I have tons of layers in pillows and blankets; I cozy up underneath everything and find that spot that makes me sink into the bed or couch, and I just feel like I'm on a cloud.

Food & Drinks

I don't think food is completely necessary for a hygge night but something that is warm, inviting, and comforting can only be an added bonus. Drinks, on the other hand, are completely necessary! For winter, I really prefer hot chocolate or a caffeine-free winter flavored tea. It just warms your entire body and adds to the experience.

Lights & Scents 

Candles instantly make any room cozier so I always have them burning; especially during the winter, a Christmas candle completely envelopes a room and makes it better. I also love the flickering light and warmth a candle gives off. No hygge night is complete without a candle. If candles aren't your thing, an oil diffuser gives off the same effect plus it has some calming benefits.


If you want to go the extra mile, slap on a face mask, take a bubble bath and read a book. Self-care goes great with hygge!

What is your ideal winter hygge night?
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