I loved writing this post for the Fall so I wanted to recreate it for Christmas and winter. I love Fall and all the Fall holidays but nothing beats Christmas in my mind. The entire season is filled with magic and pure joy -- I am at my happiest during the Christmas season and I make sure that joy is spread throughout my home.

I always like to reiterate that I live with my mom and sister so my mom does dictate a lot of the decorating in terms of where things go and how the tree gets decorated, but it is a joint effort because she knows how much I love Christmas and love decorating (she also just has a better eye than I do!)

My mom does put me in charge of the extra pieces of decor to really bring the house together, and I always make sure my room is in the Christmas spirit.

royallypink-christmas decor

This is how I prep my bedroom and the house for Christmas (and winter too).

*I start decorating for Christmas on Black Friday to give me ample time to enjoy the season.


royallypink-christmas decor

Candles are a big part of Christmas and winter for me, just as they were for fall. Right before Thanksgiving, I stock up on Christmas scents so I'm ready as soon as Thanksgiving is over. A candle sets the mood and can really brighten up a room, bringing the season to love. I love Evil Queen candles and she has some great Christmas scents but I also burn a lot of Bath and Body Works! My favorites scents for Christmas are Twisted Peppermint, Marshmallow Fireside, Winter Candy Apple, and Vanilla Bean Noel (I'm writing this after BBW $8 candle day so everything is sold out online!)

*If candles aren't your thing, you can definitely diffuse some Christmas scented oils in an oil diffuser!


Nothing brightens up a room like a string of Christmas lights. If you are in a tiny space and don't have a lot of room for decor, a string or two of white (or multi-color) lights will change the entire look of a room. I always string up a pair of lights somewhere in my room, this year it's above my bed and it looks so cool and cozy.

Christmas Prints

royallypink-christmas decor-etsy-christmas prints

I discovered the world of Etsy digital prints when I started my gallery wall a few years ago. I only have four picture frames on the wall but I like to call it a gallery wall! Every season I change the photos on my wall to add extra flair and decor. Etsy is filled with tons of prints that you can buy for a few dollars and download and print yourself. It's so much easier and cheaper to do it this way and there is instant gratification which is always a plus in my book. 

Small Decor Pieces

royallypink-christmas decor

royallypink-christmas decor

Your decor pieces don't have to be large to make a statement. A stuffed animal here, a picture there, and hanging stockings make all the difference. I love going to the Target dollar section for this because the small wooden signs and little decor pieces are adorable, decent quality and so cheap! Another thing I love to do is take a Christmas bowl and put some candy canes in it -- it's colorful, simple, and a built-in treat! 

What are your favorite ways to decorate for Christmas/Winter?

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