We're in the middle of our first snowstorm and Thanksgiving is still a week away. This is the earliest snowstorm we've had in a while and I'm so excited about it! I didn't think that it was going to be this big a storm but wow, it came down fast. It was gorgeous and I think it was just the thing I needed to put me in the holiday spirit.

I haven't been in a Thanksgiving mood and I think it's because I haven't been in the right frame of mind. Now, with a week away and only 2 days of work until the break, I can really put myself in the mood for Thanksgiving and then Christmas.

My mom ordered a new Christmas tree and we put it up last night during the snowstorm and it was beautiful! We never put the tree up before Thanksgiving but it was a new tree and we wanted to make sure it looked good, and also we wanted to get rid of the shipping box.

As I type this I'm getting super nauseos and very tired so I'll get right into everything...

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