Well I think we're finally in true Fall mode! It was FREEZING this week and oh my, it was glorious! I was in the best mood all week because of it, and probably because my leg is finally feeling 100% better and my best work friend came back from maternity leave!

I was off from work on Thursday because I went for one final doctor appointment to check on my leg. It's healing beautifully and I could go back to the gym! My biopsy also came back normal so everythign is good. I'm so happy that this is behind me and I can get back to normal. Now I just have other things like the arthritis in my wrist to take care of LOL.

Right now I'm waiting for my sister to get home so we can go to Chipotle and decorating my Erin Condren planner (which I will be doing a post on soon).

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I got a NEW PHONE! I upgraded to the iPhone 7 Plus because it was a good deal and really is the same as the 8 and I'm not ready to give up a home button just yet.

I also was not ready to give up some of my favorite iPhone cases so I repurchased the Kate Spade Night Roses one from eBay.

Have a great weekend!

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