By the time October rolls around, all the beauty brands are launching their holiday products and not much real newness is available; it's all limited edition items and fun, holiday-themed kits.

This year, that is still true but I was pleasantly surprised by all the newer, regular items I found surfing the internet. Some of the items I'm really excited about, some I will pass on, and others I'm intrigued by and haven't decided if I will buy.

1. Urban Decay Naked Cherry Palette: This hasn't really made a huge wave in the beauty industry yet, in my opinion, but there are talks about it. It'll be released later this month and it looks like a hyped up version of the Urban Decay Naked 3. Cherry is all the rage and very trendy so it's no surprise that Urban Decay is at the front of the trend. In addition to the palette, eyeliners and lipsticks are going to be released and I'm super intrigued by those, more than the eyeshadow.

2. Colourpop Disney Collection: This collection brought out my inner child and got me really excited because I'm a Disney freak! Colourpop did an amazing job with this entire collection and I'm really pleased with it. I'm really drawn to the Super Shock Shadows, Lipsticks, and Eyeshadow Palette  -- the rest I could do without but that's just my personal preference. Everything screams Disney and just looks so beautiful!

3. Kaja Korean Beauty: This isn't just one product... this is an entirely new brand coming to Sephora. I've seen a lot of the things on the website but wasn't too sure what exactly what they were about. However, I am very intrigued and already added a few things to my wishlist. A mood balm color changing lip balm? How cool is that?! The Bento Bouncy Eyeshadow Trio looks very interesting and comes in some fun yet wearable colors, and I'm pretty sure I need it. Everything is moderately priced, from $14-$24 so it's a decent Sephora price.

4. Origins Blooming Bold and Sheer Lip: At the end of last month, Origins released a Cannabis Face Mask *yes please!* and now they're releasing new lipsticks which are stunning. There is a choice of two formulas, bold and sheer, both are priced at $20 and come in tons of colors. The packaging is gold and luxurious and I'm very curious to see how they wear!

5. Huda Beauty Concealer: A release that has the entire beauty salivating at the mouth! When Huda released foundations last year, it was the talk of the town and I'm sure the concealer launch won't be any different. I don't know if I'll be picking it up but I will be watching reviews and seeing what it's all about!

6. Bliss Hangover Sheet Mask: This is one item I know I will be picking up. If you've been a reader here for a while, you know my fascination with hangover beauty remedies. These will be released later in the month and I cannot wait!

What beauty releases are you looking forward to this month?
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