Zodiac beauty products are very trendy right now. Everyone is hopping on the train, from Colourpop, KL Polish, and Fresh. I'm all about it because I love my Zodiac sign and I'm very into astrology.

However, one brand has had astrology products for a while and that's Julep. I've definitely seen the astrology line over the past year but someone correct me if I'm wrong!

I recently hauled a few Julep products and one of them was the Stirring Sagitarrius nail polish. I used it for the first time over the weekend, my first time using a regular Julep polish in a while and I was pleased.

The Color

manicure monday-royally pink-julep-julep zodiac collection-stiring sagitarrius

manicure monday-royally pink-julep-julep zodiac collection

It's difficult to describe exactly what this color is. On the Julep website it says it's an irrdescient mauve which is very accurate but it has hint sof lavender, blue and silver throughout it, making it very irrdescient and sparkly.

It's a stunning color, perfect for year round wear even though I probably will classify this as a fall/winter polish in my collection.

The Formula

manicure monday-royally pink-julep-julep zodiac collection

It is a decent formula, Julep always is but this polish was a little goopy. I think it has something to do with the glitter infused into it but it was very thick. It applied really nicely, two coats was more than enough.

The polish dried rather quickly but I also used the Essie Jet Setter Top Coat as well as the Julep Ta Da Drying Drops. At the time of writing this, I've only had it on for two days and so far, no chipping. I'm pretty impressed!

I also love the description that Julep gives of Sagittarius, "for the optimistic and and truth seeking Sagittarius." When I look at this color, I feel like it's perfect for my fire sign!

I really like this color -- it's very unique and very beautiful! I think it would it look good on everyone and aside from the goopiness, it's pretty easy to apply.

I recommend you picking up your zodiac color from Julep - if you do, let me know what you think :) 


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