If you are not familiar with me or my blog, hello, I'm Briana and I'm addicted to Fall.

Saturday was the first day of Fall and it truly is my favorite day of the year. I was so happy I could've cried. It was the perfect temperature, a light, cool breeze, and the sun was shining. I even saw a few leaves start to change color.

My room has been decorated for Fall since Labor Day but this weekend put me in the mood to change the feel of the entire house.

My mom and I conflict on decor every so often because I want our house to look like the holidays threw up on it but my mom is not so keen on that. That's why I always make sure my room is decorated to the nines. It makes me so happy and brings so much joy -- plus, my mom gets to keep her own decor throughout the rest of the house.

That's my compromise for everyone who still lives at home with their parents -- if you want the holiday/seasonal feel, decorate your own room instead of the entire house.

The beginning of Fall always has been craving the coziness of the season, which is the inspiration for this post.

If you want your home to feel Fall-y, follow these tips:


Add blankets on blankets, rugs on rugs -- do everything you can to make your room cozy! I love adding more pillows and cozy, autumnal colored blankets to my bed. I always switch things up and will add a thicker blanket onto my desk chair to add more of a cozy feel. If you don't like having a lot of blankets around your house, put them in a woven basket and use that as some additional cozy decor. I have my eye on this Barefoot Dreams blanket because it is just too beautiful and too soft to pass up.


Adding pieces of random decor is my favorite way to make my home feel like Fall. I have a lot of decorative pumpkins around my room, as well as fake leaves. I also love little farmhouse signs with fun sayings. I have a gallery wall of photo frames and I print out quotes/printables from Etsy and change it with every season. It's just a nice way to add something extra to your room.

Color Scheme

If you're not a big fan of autumnal colors in your home, there are plenty of fall decorations that you could find to fit your home look. Opt for white pumpkins instead of orange, or maybe you don't like the plastic look, get pumpkins or accessories that are cloth or 'sweater' material.


Do I even have to say it? There is nothing more that screams FALL than candles do. Even if you don't like to burn candles they automatically make a room cozier for Fall. Maybe you would rather flameless candles or a wax melter -- either way, flickering light, and scent are ideal ways to make your home fall-like.

Below is some adorable Fall decor that fits me aesthetic and exactly what I am talking about!

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