About 2 years ago I saw the news that actor, Patton Oswalt's wife, Michelle McNamara, died in her sleep. I only knew Oswalt from a few roles but it was still sad that he had lost his wife. I remember reading that she was working on a true crime novel and it would probably be released postumously.

Fast forward to earlier this year and headlines around the world stated that California authorities had captured the Golden State Killer -- the serial killer/rapist that McNamara had become obsessed with and written her novel about.

The term 'Golden State Killer' was coined by McNamara so everyone knew that her impact was far and wide... and I'm sure had something to do with the capture of this criminal.

After I saw that the killer was captured, I became very intrigiued with the case and immediately purchased 'I'll Be Gone in the Dark' on Audible -- the book that Michelle McNamara wrote and was updated by her husband and another writer after her death.

Just a few chapters in and I was hooked on this case. It could have something to do with the narrator's voice, or the fact that you could feel Michelle's passion for this case... her obsession and it was so interesting. It was also very eerie listening to it, knowing that Michelle had died and knowing that authorities had just caught the Golden State Killer.

She takes you from start to finish of the first murder to the last and gives so much detail you almost feel like she was there. McNamara also throws in her own commentary about how she would stay up late researching the case and was just enthralled in this world. She searched online for auctions where the killer might be selling one of his 'trophies' and was just obsessed with finding out the who and why of these murders and rapes.

It was an incredible book -- like one, long true crime podcast.

If my memory serves me correct, I don't think I've ever read a memoir type of book about an actual true crime case. I've listened to my share fair of true crimbe podcasts and fictional novels but never a book on something real. I'm so glad this was my first one because it was a very interesting and long case with a seperate little story woven into it.

It was a wonderfully written book and it was really cool to almost see it come to life in real time as the Golden State Killer was captured. If you're someone who is obsessed with true crime, this is a no brainer for your next read!

What are you reading this Wednesday?
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