One of the most commonly asked questions that the public wants to know about bloggers is how do they make money?

I can only speak from experience but I make money through sponsored campaigns and affiliate links/networks. I feel like sponsored campaigns are a little more straightforward than affiliate links, which is why I'm going to talk about the affiliate links and networks.

An affiliate link is when a blogger creates a unique link through their affiliate network (the most commonly used ones are ShopStyle Collective & RewardStyle aka LikeToKnowIt). Whenever someone clicks that link or makes a purchase through that link, the blogger gets a small commission.

I've been part of Shopstyle Collective for as long as I could remember as it was much easier to get accepted than RewardStyle. I never really understood ShopStyle and how affiliate links worked so I never really bothered to use them. Also, you don't make a huge commission -- I make a few cents every click and for a smaller blogger like myself, it takes time to build up the money in your account. However, I do still find it useful and the more I use it, the more money I do make.

For the past few years, I educated myself and now use them daily; Whenever I talk about something I do use affiliate links and that's stated on my 'networks' page. I saw that affiliate links were good ways to make some extra cash but also see what my readers respond best too. I can see on my dashboard what YOU click on and what you purchase from my links, and it's so interesting to see what brands you genuinely like to hear about.

It helps me create content and understand YOUR buying habits & favorite brands

Another way to create affilate links is if you join an affilate network. Some brands have their own affilate network where they accept bloggers/influencers and provide them with exclusive links, banners, and deals to promote to their followers. In turn, you earn a commission on those clicks and purchases as well. I used to be part of a lot of networks but didn't really undestand how it worked, therefore I never used those links.

Within the past month or so, I did more research and discovered a great network, Pepperjam, that is easy to use and had great companies that I really liked. I haven't used any of those links yet but I do want to take a deeper dive into them.

So basically, the rundown of affiliate links & networks is an easy, passive way for bloggers to make a small income and better understand the buying habits of their readers.

Do you have any other questions about affiliate links and networks?
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