I never considered myself odd, strange, or weird. I always felt like I was pretty normal and I was fine with it. However, as I got older and met new people from different walks of life, I realized that maybe I wasn't so normal.

My college friends, specifically, always like to tell me I'm odd and a little strange. My mom has even caught on the bandwagon and I realize that yes, I have weird ticks and rules that make me a little stranger than your average 25-year-old.

Today, I wanted to share a few of my weird habits and facts to give you more insight into who I am. If you've been reading Royally Pink for a while you've seen me go through a lot of changes and get real with you about a lot of things from my stress and anxiety to the death of my father and just daily struggles.

With this new feeling of inspiration for Royally Pink, I want to take you a step further and really show you who I am, and be totally real.

Let's start today... 

1. I'm scared of salad: Please, I know this is RIDICULOUS but I can't help it. Salad freaks me out. I hate when people are around me eating it, I hate looking at it and I won't even clean a plate that has had salad on it. It really sucks because it's all my sister eats and I have to have her put it on the opposite side of the table at dinner. I hate the smell of it, look of it, and the sound of it. UGH.

2. I have never eaten vegetables: I might've mentioned this in the past six years but it is a weird fact about me. Aside from cauliflower (which I love), fried eggplant and zucchini, I don't eat vegetables. I have never even eaten any vegetables because I have the same reaction I have to a salad. They just kind of freak me out. I find ways around it but yeah, it's a weird thing about me.

3. I have an obsessive personality: When I was younger I always went through phases where I would find something I loved and then have to gather every piece of information on it. For example, when I started watching General Hospital in 2006, I went back to Wikipedia and Youtube and watched/read everything starting from the beginning of GH, which was 1963. At the end of my obsession, I knew more about General Hospital than my mom and her friend who has been watching since they were in their teens. When I love something, I go full in and need to know everything about it.

4. The floor calms me: This started in college and has continued until now. Whenever I was really stressed out I would just throw myself on the floor. I'd stare up at the ceiling, or have my face in the carpet and just take a few deep breaths. It really helped calm my nerves and ever since, whenever I'm feeling crazed I sit on the floor. When I'm having a panic attack I have to sit on the floor in a cool room, not on my bed.

I know I have more weird facts about me but lately, these are the ones that have been on my mind!

What are your weird facts?
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