There was a moment in time where I wasn't buying a ton of beauty products. I had taken a massive break after being consumed by my collection and I knew I didn't need any more items. I also was less than impressed with whatever was happening in the industry.

However, with the end of winter and the start of new seasons, my love of beauty has been reinstated. Maybe it's because the warm weather brings new and innovative products; everything from hair lighteners to SPF hybrids. It excites me and instills something new in me.

There are so many beauty products I want to try and that's a post for another time but right now, there are so many new beauty products I'm loving and simply cannot stop using.

1. Ouai Sun of a Beach Spray: Something came over me when I saw this product being teased on Ouai's Instagram. I don't know if it was the 11-year-old inside me that desperately wanted blonde highlights or if I was drawn in by the name and packaging. Either way, I scooped it up and have been loving it. I've used this a handful of times, spraying in my hair after a shower, and it smells like a beautiful beach. Is it doing anything for my hair? No, but I love it anyway. Maybe once I sit in the sun (if it ever gets warm in NYC) it'll make a difference to my dark locks.

2. Milk Watermelon Brightening Serum: This was another product I bought on launch day and I have never looked back. My skin is pretty decent but I deal with a lot of discoloration and dullness. Sometimes it looks like my skin is lacking and I just need something to oomf it up. That's this serum! I love the fact that it's a solid serum and it absorbs into your skin super fast so there is no greasy mess to deal with. It's also one of the few beauty products that I notice an immediate difference with; I wake up the next morning and my skin is a little brighter and looks a little evener. It's magic!

3. Trader Joe's Rose Oil: I have a new obsession with Trader Joe's and a continuing obsession with rose scented items. Those two loves have combined to give me this delightful oil. It's not too heavy, sinks into the skin immediately and smells pretty damn good. I don't notice a huge difference but I feel very pampered when I use it -- it's a nice little pick me up and is a lightweight moisturizer for the warm months.

4. Drunk Elephant Baby Facial: My curiosity about Drunk Elephant products is growing by the day and I owe it to the magic Baby Facial. I've never gotten a facial before but using this once a week (or even once every two weeks) has made a huge difference in my skin. The texture has disappeared and discoloration has faded -- this is magic in a bottle and there is a reason it has a cult following. DE is the real deal and Baby Facial is something everyone should have in their skincare routine.

5. Benefit Roller Lash: This is an oldie but a goodie. I've been using Laura Geller LashBOSS for a while but wanted something different. I picked up Roller Lash after using a sample I had and haven't looked back. I've gone through a handful of these in the past few years but rediscovering it was heaven. It has a really unique brush, the perfect wet/dry formula and is truly my favorite mascara of all time.

6. Laura Mercier Flawless Fusion Concealer: If you've been reading the blog for a while, you know how much I love concealers. I was itching for a new one a few months ago and bought the newest Laura Mercier one. It took me a few tries to really like it because I think I got the wrong shade, but now I'm in love and haven't touched Shape Tape in weeks. It's the perfect medium coverage and blends out like a dream. It's not super tacky but is long wearing; it's really everything you could want from a liquid concealer.

What are your current favorite beauty products?
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