I can't believe I never did a post on this book! I read it one sitting a few months ago so that is probably why but I figured with the premiere of The Bachelorette last week, what a better time to review!

I was super excited about this book, called 'Bachelor Nation', and ordered it on the day it was released, but let me give you some backstory.

For years I swore I would never watch anything related to The Bachelor franchise. I thought the show was dumb and I hated how much people loved it. I couldn't believe that people actually watched that trash and really didn't understand the appeal.

I used to make fun of everyone who watched it and would roll my eyes at the overhaul of social media posts on Monday nights. I literally would mute and unfollow people who live-tweeted The Bachelor.

Well, this time last year I felt something inside my shift. I saw that I was being left out of a huge social conversation and I was sad about it. I wanted to talk to the Internet about it, wanted to talk to my co-workers about it and kind of just wanted to understand what the world was talking about.

So, I sat down and watched the premiere of Rachel's season and was immediately enthralled. By the finale, when my heart was broken by the fact that she sent home the beloved Peter Kraus, I knew I was hooked.

That was followed up with Bachelor in Paradise, Bachelor Winter Games and of course, Arie's season of The Bachelor.

Now, I'm officially in it and have been for one year so let's celebrate my one year anniversary with a great, easy read that gives you the dirt on America's favorite reality show.

Amy Kaufman is a journalist who like everyone else in the world, loves The Bachelor and has since the beginning of time. She used to cover the Bachelor for various publications and was even invited to live shows to report on the happenings.

Amy took all this love and knowledge of the Bachelor franchise and put it in a book called Bachelor Nation. As a new viewer, it was nice to get some history about the show, how it got started and the behind of the scenes of the entire production.

There is also some good gossip, celebrity quotes, and revelations about your favorite show and personalities.

If you're a casual fan or a hardcore member of Bachelor Nation, you need to read this book. It will give you entertainment and an interesting inside look behind the veil of the Bachelor Mansion.

I highly recommend it... plus it's a quick read and pretty fun!

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