To date, one of my highest read posts on Royally Pink is 'Graduation Gifts for Your Big/Little' meaning the best graduation gifts for your sorority sister.

Now, that post can really be for anyone but I wrote it at a time when everything was Greek life to me. I figured what better time than any to write a post about generic graduation gifts for those in your life.

In my opinion, one of the best gifts you could give a graduate is money. It's very inpersonal and some would say tacky but it's the most practical. This person is graduating college, probably without a job and is going to spend the summer in their childhood home with no source of income. A nice savings account is just what the doctor ordered.

However, not everyone is going to agree with that, and I think there are certain people who shouldn't give money as a gift. I think immediate family members are the ones who should stick with cash, but friends and siblings -- this post is for you.

*This also doesn't have to just be for college graduates. High school graduates are included too.

1. Symbolic Jewelry: A piece of jewelry is always a great way to go and it doesn't have to be overly expensive. As long as the piece is sentimental and meaningful, I think it's a great idea. My mom got me a key necklace for high school graduation because it was the key to my future. If something has meaning, it makes all the difference.

The Christmas after graduation, I got this map necklace with the coordinates of my college and it's probably one of the most meaningful pieces I own. I think that is a GREAT gift idea!

2. Graduation Survival Kit: I always loved the idea of a survivial kit for the post grad. Think back to when you graduated college and what you felt like you needed. Give them a coffee mug, a bottle (or three) of their favorite wine, a metrocard (or whatever public transporation card is in your city), a beautiful, fancy notebook, a gift certificate to for business cards, and an example of a perfect resume. Anything and everything that you think would be benefical to a post grad, throw it in the kit. It's useful, adorable, and the person will understand the thought behind it.

3. A professional handbag: This is mostly for me because you know how much I love handbags and they are my favorite gift ever. It's not something for everyone but I think if you know someone's taste, you can get it right. A professional, big girl handbag is something that is essential when entering the real world. Whether it's going to grad school, interviews, or your first job, having something professional to carry is a good idea. Also, I've said this before but a handbag as a gift for an occasion such as this can be very sentimental.

4. Professional Experience: If you want be very strategic about the gift you give, get them something that can benefit them in the long run. Maybe it's a meeting with a career coach or recruiter, or maybe a gift certificate to an online class. Something that will benefit the graduate's professional experience is very useful.

There are so many other things you could buy for the grad in your life (some linked below!) but no matter what, make sure to celebrate them because it's a huge deal. They've accomplished so much and are feeling so many different emotions. Make sure they feel loved and supported, they're going to need it.

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