I've said it many times before but I have a shopping problem. In the past year or so, I've gotten much better and I'm really proud of myself.

When I say I have a shopping problem, I'm not trying to be funny or dramatic. There used to be days where I couldn't go without buying something, even if it was as small as a lip balm. The need to purchase something new was overwhelming and I couldn't kick it.

I wanted to buy something when I was sad, anxious, happy... it didn't matter. I wouldn't emotionally eat, I would emotionally shop. I just loved spending money, loved receiving new things in the mail and I loved having them -- until I got bored and sold them or gave them away.

That isn't so much the case anymore.

I've done more conscious shopping, only buying things I need or really, really want. I don't buy frivolous items anymore or should I say, I don't impulse shop. If I do have an impulse urge, I usually end up canceling or returning the item.

I'm getting better and I owe a lot of this to giving up shopping for Lent.

Back on Valentine's Day/Ash Wednesday, I made the decision to give up shopping for Lent. I had realized that I was tired of shopping. It wasn't fun anymore and the feeling that I needed to shop was waning. I don't really know why I felt like I had to buy new things, why I couldn't just save my money but it was tiring.

I was a little nervous about failing this little self-inflicted project but I powered through and was successful. It was so refreshing to not shop and have money in my bank. It was so nice to just use and go through what I had and rediscover things in various collections of mine.

I knew this was going to be a turning point for me and I was so excited and so proud of myself.

I went without shopping for almost 40 days. About a week before Lent ended on Good Friday, I kind of went to hell with myself. I had gotten a promotion at work and wanted to treat myself to two luxury items that I had been wanting for years: my Louis Vuitton Damier Ebene Neverfull MM and the YSL card case.

After I purchased those items, I went on to buy some necessities: some new Spring clothes (25-pound weight loss and I need new clothes), new underwear, leggings, and bras. That was really all I bought for the next few weeks.

Since then, I've bought some makeup, books, more clothes, and candles. I've been really keeping it lowkey and yes, I have slip-ups constantly but I've been trying to plan my purchases out a little better now and it seems to be working.

I'm proud of myself for at least trying to make a change. Sometimes my urge for something new and shiny is too much and I give in, but what's life without a little treat every now and again?

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