I don't know when or why it happened but somewhere along the way, I fell in love with brunch. I know it happened after college graduation because what else is a post-grad supposed to do? Brunch is such the basic bitch thing to do and I love every moment of it.


I've showcased my love of brunch here many times, from a review of Brunchcon and a gift guide for the brunch lover in your life so I figured it was time to give you a rundown of my favorite places in the New York area.

The reason I love brunch so much is that it's basically an excuse to get drunk in the middle of the day and you're home by 7 PM and can sleep and wake up with a mild hangover. In my adult life, I hate going to a bar and getting home at 2 AM. I find it pointless and not fun. Who decided that it was fun to go out at 11 PM? It used to be but not at 25 years old.

That's why brunch is the best of both worlds and I'm a little obsessed.

Now, most of the places I go to are bottomless brunch places because it's cheap(er) and it is the way I like to party. There are a few places on Long Island that I LOVE that aren't bottomless and much more lowkey than the places in Manhattan.

libation nyc- nyc brunch- bottomless brunch
Me on my 25th birthday at Libation NYC

libation-libation nyc - brunch- bottomless brunch

1. Libation: I would say this is the most party brunch place on my list and probably my favorite. It's less of a party place than Bagatelle or Beauty and Essex but more of a party place than the other places on the list.

They have a kickass bottomless brunch; delicious food and so many mimosas. The people who work there are really nice and once your two hours are up, you usually can go upstairs to their bar area (the place is 3 floors) and continue to enjoy your night. I had my 25th birthday there this past November and they made a big deal about it; brought us sparklers, said my name over the DJ booth, and was just a great host.

If you're looking for a really wonderful bottomless brunch, high key experience, Libation is your place!

toast-brunch-long island brunch
Scrambled Popovers

french toast sandwich-toast-brunch-long island brunch
French Toast Sandwich
2. Toast: Sometimes when you think of brunch you may think of intense, delicious breakfast dishes that are totally unique and fun. Toast is just that for me. It's located in Huntington, Long Island and is super tiny, usually has a decent wait time but is well worth every moment spent. It's a quirky, fun, loud place that you'll see families with small children at (unlike Libation) and it's one of my favorite low-key brunch spots.

My favorite dishes are the French Toast Sandwich (a BEC with french toast instead of a bagel or regular bread as the 'bun'), the French Toast Sticks, and the Scrambled Popover. Ugh, my mouth is watering! *This isn't a bottomless brunch place

3. Southern Hospitality: I've only been here twice but it remains one of my favorite and most recommended places to eat. It's Justin Timberlake's restaurant (so that might be a reason I love it so much) and has a real southern feel -- as southern as you can get in Hells Kitchen, Manhattan. It's rustic, loud, and oddly airy if you sit near one of the windows. The food is delicious and is super comforting. You can do a bottomless brunch here and it's a favorite of those after graduation crowds (I went after my graduation and my friends' and it was awesome)

4. The Blind Pig: Another place I've been to only once but it shows up on every NYC bottomless brunch list. Now, I don't talk about drinking a lot on the blog because I try to remain professional but I went here for my 23rd birthday and basically drank myself into oblivion. The drinks are so strong that I don't remember tasting my food -- it was SO GOOD. The menu has duck on it, so it's a little more sophisticated than a typical omelet place. It's also not a party place with a DJ like Libation but you can still make a great time out of it. If you wish to have a more lowkey brunch, this place can cater to that too.

jam-long island- long island brunch-lobster

mimosa-brunch-jam- long island- long island brunch

5. JAM: This is another Long Island place, and another place that has a long wait but is also worth it. My favorite part is that they let you make your own mimosas so you get a little jug of orange juice,  a little champagne bottle, and a glass, and voila! You make your own! The coffee cups they give you are reminiscent of Central Perk and the menu is to die for. I went last weekend and got a Lobster Eggs Benedict. It was too good for words! *Important to note like Toast, this is not bottomless! 

Have you ever had a bottomless brunch? If you're in NYC, what is your favorite spot?

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