Just like every other blogger on the Internet right now, I'm thinking about Mother's Day. Granted, I already have my Mother's Day gifts purchased (and honestly, I already gave the present to my mom because she is impatient), but I do have some other things planned for the day.

It's pretty hard to buy my mom gifts because she is very particular about what she wants. I always want to be creative with what I get her but she is always so specific. She needs/wants shoes or white jeans, but I want to get her something fun and different.

I usually satisfy us both by getting her what she wants and then a few other little items. This year, I bought her shoes and she took them as soon as they arrived on our doorstep.

For the other gifts, I like to stay under $50 so I can get her multiple items. Sometimes, quantity is better than quality ;)

My mom deserves the world, as all of our mothers do, and I like to really spoil her even though she opposes.

These are a few small things that I think are a good Mother's Day gift -- or really a gift for your mom any day of the year!

If you're not feeling a tangible gift, get your mom a gift certificate to her favorite store or for a manicure & pedicure! A little me time is something all moms deserve and probably want.

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