I had been off my audiobook game for a bit because I was too cheap to buy one! My audible credits ran out and I wasn't dying to listen to anything. I always have podcasts or Sirius XM to listen to on my commute so I was ok.

When I finally did have my Audible credits, I chose 'The Woman in the Window.' I feel like I've been putting off buying this book for no reason other than there were other books I wanted to read. However, I thought this was a good time to jump the gun.

This book was only 13 hours long which isn't that long in Audible time but holy crap, it felt like it dragged on and on.

I did not like this book and I think the length was a huge reason.

The Woman in the Window is about a psychologist Anna Fox who is agoraphobic and cannot leave the house. One day, she thinks she witnesses a crime in a neighboring house and kind of freaks out. She believes that she saw Jane Russel through the window, a woman she had just met previously but comes to find out that Jane is not who she thought.

We're taken on the journey of Anna finding out who really is Jane Russel, what the Russel family is really about, and facing her demons head-on. We see Anna face the agoraphobia that is keeping her locked inside, and we learn more about the issues she's experiencing, and why.

It was very interesting at times and I found myself wanting to know what really was going on, but I couldn't quite put my finger on it.

There are a handful of twists thrown into the story, one being a little obvious but it was intense to see it play out. The ending came out of left field and tied everything up with a neat, little bow and made the book worth the headache.

The twisted ending was something I could've never guessed. I usually always guess the endings of these books but this was one that I didn't so it was definitely cool to see it play out.

On the flip side,  I felt that the plot was a little all over the place and there were too many details we didn't need. Some things went on for too long, some things didn't make sense and I was just a tad bit confused.

I think there are better thrillers out there so if you need something new, go to one of my other book reviews! This is a definite skip and to me, it just wasn't worth the time.

Did you read The Woman in the Window? What did you think?

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