March was a very slow month and I'm very glad about that. There was a lot of snowstorms, a lot of rain, and not much very Spring.

However, today, the day before Easter Sunday the sun is shining and I wore a jean jacket for the 1st time this season and I was thrilled.

I hate Spring, I hate Summer and I hate everything from April-August but my goodness, nothing beats the first jean jacket day and especially when you see the Ice Cream Man out for the first time (I didn't get any ice cream but it still brought a smile to my face)

For as much as I don't care for this season, I still had a few favorites this month!

1. Real Books: I always have to have one random favorite and real, tangible books are it this month. I wanted to get back into reading because I just caught the bug but my Kindle app and Nook were not cutting it. I bought a few books from Amazon, and then signed up for Book of the Month and I've been reading multiple books all month long. I took a break from audiobooks to catch up on podcasts and Barstool Radio, and I've just really enjoyed the feeling of real pages in my hand.

2. Anastasia Beverly Hills Soft Glam Palette: I've only had two other ABH palettes in my collection and they have been used to pieces. I've been putting off getting the Modern Reinsassance palette for years and was going to pull the trigger until I saw the Soft Glam. I ordered it the moment it was available on the ABH website (that's how you know I'm excited for a product, I order it from the brand's website). I havne't been wearing a ton of eyeshadow lately but I'm addicted to this palette. It's so soft, buttery, and easy to blend. The colors are super wearable with a few bits of color to make it unique. If you haven't tried ABH shadows, I highly recommend them. They are some of my favorites on the market.

3. HUM Nutrition Big Chill: I talked about HUM in a post earlier this month but I just wanted to mention it again. I've always loved Beauty zZzz's but Big Chill has really been saving my ass this month. As I've previously mentioned, I've been suffering from panic attacks and sometimes my beloved Nerve Tonic hasn't been helping. Big Chill is there when Nerve Tonic fails, but aside from anxiety, Big Chill has been helping my stress levels. When I'm feeling overwhelmed by work and my side hustles, this helps. HUM is perfection in my book.

4. Laura Geller Nude Kisses Lip Hugging Lipgloss: These were just released last week but seeing as I work for the company, I've had them a little longer than that. I HATE lipglosses but my goodness, these have changed my world. There are 16 nude colors so something for everyone but mostly, I love the formula. They're super creamy and feel balmy on the lips without being sticky or tacking. They aren't long lasting as they are a gloss but they are the best gloss I've ever tried.

Below are a few other honorable mentions that I tried this month but not enough to include them wholly in the post:

What were your favorites this month?
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