I've always been a lover of Etsy, ever since I joined a sorority in college and ordered a lot of monogrammed items from there.

As I've gotten older, I've found other needs for Etsy, like home decor or planning, or really just anytihng random. Etsy is like Amazon, it has everything and anything you're looking for.

Over the past few months I feel like I've been shopping a lot on Etsy, for various things and it's become my go-to for anything cute and fun I feel like I need in my life.

Here are some of my favorites:

1. Sleepy Cottage Eye Mask: I've been obsessed with sleeping eye masks lately and I wanted to glam it up. That's when I stumbled on Sleepy Cottage. They have the cutest eye masks with adorable sayings and a few other accessories like Breakfast at Tiffany's ear plugs and cute bracelets. It's a must-see shop and I highly recommend the sleep masks. They're very comfortable and adorable!

2. Minted Sugar Inserts: If you have a planner that you build yourself, the only inserts to buy are Minted Sugar. They're minimalistic, very customizable, and beautiful. I've tried making my own inserts (meaning printing them and punching holes in them myself) and the Minted Sugar route is so much better. I use them in my mini LV agendas and my MM Agenda - I have the marble to do lists, marble mini lined pages, rose lined pages, monthly layouts, and dated detail weekly layouts. They're always releasing new pages and it's a must-try!

3. Blogger Templates: I find all my templates for the blog on Etsy. My latest one is from the shop Best for the Blog. All the templates come with instructions on how to install and they're just so easy -- yes, they aren't custom made and you may find a few other blogs with the same layout but they're great for beginner blogs or someone who likes a different look every so often.

4. Wall Art: I've bought all my wall decor on Etsy -- some have been digital downloads straight from Etsy, others I got shipped to me. I like being able to print them myself because it gives me more flexibility on switching things up and they're cheaper LOL. My favorite to date has been this Carrie Bradshaw closet one -- I NEED the apartment print next. 

These are just a few of my current Etsy favorites!

What are your favorite finds from Etsy?
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