My love of fitness trackers is no secret. I've had a FitBit, a Kate Spade Tracker, and a Ringly. However, a few months ago I stopped using all of them. I was bored of them, and they kind of lost their luster. I also hated wearing them because they either clashed with everything or they bothered me aka I was lazy.

I had given up on activity trackers until I saw that Kate Spade was coming out with a Touchscreen Smart Watch. I had been very intrigued by the Apple Watch but never felt like it was worth it.

Then, I saw the Kate Spade smartwatch and I fell in love. I pre-ordered it back in January and it came the first week of February.

I've been using it for a solid month and I am obsessed!

It uses Andriod technology but is compitable with the iPhone(s). It tracks your steps, gives you notifcations from your phone, check the weather, and you can even log your workouts. You can download different apps from the Google Play Store and it's basically like your phone on your watch.

One of my favorite parts is that you can change the watch faces. There's a few standard digital faces and then some fun analog ones (like the Daisy and the Taxi Cab). If you're not feeling any of those, you can create your own by changing the colors.

A very cool, unique and Kate Spade-y feature is that you can tell the watch what you're wearing, what time of day it is, and what color handbag you're using, and it'll come up with a watch face that matches your outfit.

It's so millennial and such a Clueless factor!

The face that I use the most is the Simple Analog Digital face because it has the number of steps as well as my calendar icon.

I didn't know how I would feel about having my texts and emails come up on the watch but it actually does have me look at my phone less. My phone is always on silent and I have my email notifications turned off, so I do look at my phone a lot to see if anything new comes up.

This way, I'm automatically notified if something comes in, and I can almost screen it to see if it's worth me picking up my phone.

For example, I was at my grandpa's over the weekend and he hates when I'm on my phone, so I was able to see if anything important came through on text and didn't have to answer right away.

*If you want to see a full overview of everything the watch can do, Kate Spade has a great video looking at every single feature!

I even wear it at the gym because I downloaded Google Fit which can track your workout. It really is the best of all worlds.

The watch isn't heavy, it's very comfortable, and pretty much looks good with everything.

If you've ever been curious about the Apple Watch, I highly recommend the Kate Spade Touchscreen Smart Watch! It's cheaper (I think) than the Apple Watch, more stylish, and is perfect for those Kate Spade lovers!
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