I haven't done an updated makeup storage post in years.

My original post was more of a review of the Alex Drawers from Ikea, which I still use but since I moved, the way I store my makeup has changed. Mostly because I have more space, and I have a lot more makeup.

With Spring being this week, I figured it was a great time to talk about organization. Organizing is one of my favorite things in the world. It calms me down and clears my mind.

I was super anxious over the weekend and felt like I needed to do something so I went through my closet, got rid of some things and reorganized it. I felt like a new person. That being said, I'm also planning to redo my room a little so once that is done, I'll do a little updated room tour.

Now, for the real reason we're here -- makeup.

My beauty bug has really subsided in recent months. Nothing was inspiring me, I wasn't wearing that much makeup and just wasn't feeling anything new. I'm also still going on my no buy, which I'll do another post on once it's over when Lent ends on March 29th.

However, in the past few weeks I've hit my beauty reset button so this is a perfect time to do this post!

Let's start with my lipsticks.

I have a shelving unit in the corner of my room, and store my lipsticks on a shelf there because I have too many. I keep my liquid lipsticks, glossse, chubby crayons, in a variety of different containers and empty candle holders.

On the other side of the shelf, I have all my perfumes, including mini samples that I get from Sephora orders.

Then, my regular lipsticks sit on a spinning tower on the cubby shelves that hold my handbags. This makes for easy access and adorable decor.

Now we move over to my desk area where one half is reserved for beauty stuff.

This little tray is a new addition to my desk because I felt like I needed something to contain the overflow of beauty stuff that was on my desk. It has been amazing for organizing myself and it acts as a little decor that I love.

Here, I keep the skincare I'm using, any supplments that I'm taking, and my makeup brushes. I also have some pretty makeup prodcuts like my Huda Beauty Foundation, my YSL Touche Eclat Blur and the Herbivorve Rose Spray.

I also have a little ring dish that my friend got me for Christmas that I keep lipgloss, pins, or hairties in as a touch of decor.

It's time for the big guy -- my Alex Ikea Drawers. Where I keep everything is the same as it was a few years ago, but what's on top has changed a bit.

I have an acrylic drawer set that I bought off of Amazon and it's amazing. I personally do not think you need an expensive Glambox or any other name brand acrylic drawer set -- Amazon is where it's at.

In there, I have my items spilt up into 6 sections:

  • The first drawer is where I have my brow products and all my concealers. 
  • The second drawer I have some random makeup products and then mascara
  • The third drawer is filled with all kinds of random makeup products like lip balms, mini beauty blenders, and eyeshadow crayons.
On the top of the acrylic drawers is where I have all my foundations, primers, and hair care. On the side is where I keep eyeliners, lip liners, and lip treatments or any other random items.

Now, for inside the Alex Drawers:

  • First drawer: all my nail products (the last time I did this post, my drawer didn't open all the way but I've since fixed that)
  • Second drawer: Main makeup drawer; blushes, setting powders, highlighters, brownzers, travel size products
  • Third drawer: All skincare and whatever haircare didn't fit on the acrylic unit. 
  • Fourth drawer: Face, eye, or cheek palettes (I need to stop buying palettes because I have too many and they don't fit)
  • Fifth drawer: My junk drawer. I keep most of my sheet and eye masks in here, as well as 'extra' beauty products and any larger palettes that don't fit in my palette drawer.
That's it! That's how I store my makeup, and a sneak peek into my makeup collection! 

How do you store your makeup?


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