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I've previously written about my obsession with the Hum Nutrition Beauty zZzzs supplments and I thought I'd expand that with some deep diving into other aspects, and another products from the brand.

Let's first start out with what HUM is...

HUM Nutrition is an all-natural line of supplments; the mission of HUM is to make take your beauty routine inside out and giving you all natural, non GMO, organic & vegan supplments that focus on prevention, and long term care.

It's taking self-care and turning it on it's head. All about wellness, HUM gives you the supplments and vitamins in fun packaging, with fun names to make things a little more Instagram chic, which I can always appreciate.

One of my favorite parts about HUM is that you can take a little test on their website and it'll tell you what kind of supplments and vitamins you need. You can subscribe to their program through or buy stand alone products at a variety of retailers like Nordstrom and Sephora.

Self care is a true buzz word nowadays and I love incorparting these supplments into that routine.

As I mentioned before, I already love Beauty zZzzs so I always end my day with a capsule, some Sleepytime Tea, some essential oils and my Mediation app.

My favorite thing in the world is to be relaxed and calm, and some days I'm so high strung that I can't calm down. Pairing my HUM supplment with all my other relaxing properities creates the most ideal space for me to fall asleep.

The Beauty zzZz supplment contains melatonin and B6, and helps promote a restful beauty sleep. Without sleep, your skin and body will suffer so any makeup you put on to mask that tiredness won't have the same effect.

I've taken other sleeping 'pills' and they always take forever to kick in, and then makes me very groggy the next morning. When I took Beauty zZzz for the first time, I was stunned at how fast I went to sleep and how I felt rested the next morning -- it didn't feel like I didn't get any sleep. It really works and since I've been taking this (almost 2 years), I don't feel the need to take any other sleep supplment.

On the flip side, I got to try out another HUM supplment. I've spoken freely about my struggle with anxiety, depression, and stress and lately, my stress level has been through the roof. Nothing has really been cutting it when it comes to helping me deal with stress, so 'Big Chill' came at the perfect time.

Big Chill says that it helps you cope with and remove the signs of stress. It slows down your reaction to stress and will help you focus better during times of high stress -- which is probably my #1 issue with stress. Whenever I'm really stressed and anxious, I can't focus on anything else so this is a great feature for me.

When I'm home and feeling anxious, there are a few things that I do to make myself feel better, and they pair beautifully with the Big Chill supplments.

If I'm stressed to the point of no return, I hide out in my room, turn the lights off and shut off the computer. I light a candle, diffuse some essential oils, and grab a book. I will watch some television because I always have the television on. I try to chug some water, maybe even have a calming tea but combining all of this with the Big Chill has really worked out for me... (I mean, Big Chill works fine on it's own too!) but I love pairing all my relaxing, destressing items together.

Like I said, self care is all the rage but truthfully I've been doing self care since before it was cool. I just love that there's a word for it now!

I'm anxious (in the best way) to try some more HUM products to add to my routine(s) because these two have worked out so well, and I'm all about wellness this year!

If you're curious about HUM, use the code NEWSETTE for 20% off your order at!

PS: If you HAVEN'T signed up for The Newsette yet, I HIGHLY recommend you do so now!

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