For the better half of 2017 I was super focused on wellness.

I love the idea of being mindful, peaceful, and really just taking care of every part of your mind, body, and soul. I've been obsessively reading Well + Good which is a website that I've read little of in the past but the past month have really enjoyed.

I guess you can also say that I went off the hippie, dippy deep end and have also been into spiritual and healing trends. I owe this to the Alex and Ani app & blog which offer a lot of quotes, motivation, and insight into spiritual ideals.

When I was planning content in my new Content Planner (post/review coming soon) and thinking about content for the month of January, wellness was something that kept sticking out to me.

To me, wellness is all about being the best person you can be, for yourself. It can mean staying home and watching a calming movie or organizing your closet so your mind is more at peace. It can be having lemon water in the morning or buying a new sports bra to wear to your new gym.

There has been a lot of talk about wellness and self care in 2017 and something more and more people were researching and focusing on. That is going to continue into the new year and I for one am super excited about it.

I wanted one of my first wellness posts of the year to be about the trends you're going to see this year, in all areas of wellness. These are the trends that I think are attainable, relatable, and ones that I will for sure be focusing on.

1. Hygge Activewear: We won't see the disappearance of the activewear trend any time soon but we will see it get a little cozier and take on some hygge aspects. I am obsessed with Hygge and just finished this book on it. 

2. Beauty That Protects: I'm not talking about SPF here, we've got that down pat. I'm talking about beauty and skincare that protects you from enviornmental dangers and pollution. We talked about this at my company in late 2016 and it's so weird to see that it actually was right on target. Urban Decay already released their pollution protecting setting spray and I'm sure we'll see more as the year ticks on.

3. Even More Self Care: Self care was a huge thing in 2017; more people stayed home, took baths with bath bombs, and drank tea (I'm guessing?) but this isn't going anywhere either! It's a huge thing right now to be really into your self and being a bit selfish when it comes to taking care of YOU so I'm happy with this trend staying put.

4. Lunar Everything: I've always been into horoscopes and astrology but this year, the shift is moving to Lunar; focusing on moonscopes, supermoons, and all that jazz. The moon is said to effect us even more than other planets so it'll be interesting to see this take center stage.

5. Women Working Spaces: Have you heard of WeWork? What about The Wing? While WeWork isn't a women's only working space, The Wing is and I'm super into it. There are a few all over New York and they're going to be opening up in more cities this year. I wish I had a remote job just so I could join The Wing. The reason this is a wellness trend is because it's bringing women together to empower and care for each other. I'm all for it!

What wellness trends are you excited about?

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