I've been less than inspired by my nail polish lately. I love winter nail polishes and want to embrace it as much as possible but my collection was lacking something new and exciting.

I was browsing Ulta's website in need of something different when I stumbled across a gorgeous winter shade that was very unique and different.

Cashmere Bathrobe is a gorgeous winter shade that screams hygge; it screams coziness and chicness and I love every moment of wearing this.

It's described as a true flannel grey but to me, has hints of blue and shimmer, which is a gorgeous combination.

The formula is also a dream; it applies evenly, opaque, and isn't too watery or liquidy. It's one of the better Essie formulas on the market.

I've worn it 3 or 4 times since getting it at the end of December and it's quickly become one of my favorite nail colors.

What is on your nails this fine Monday morning?
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