Relaxing is my favorite hobby. It is one of the greatest things I do. My mom always tells me that I am the greatest relaxer ever. That doesn't mean lazy... it just means having alone time and decompressing.

That being said, relaxing on the weekend is a given for everyone but relaxing during the week is an art; I have perfected it.

Relaxing on a weeknight after work is a must for me. I rarely do anything after work because I am way too tired and I just need time to myself.

I get home around 6:30 every night (sometimes earlier, sometimes later if I'm late at work or there are a lot of delays) and I usually have dinner right after I get home. Then I shower and it's time to chill.

Relaxing on a weekend is a little different for me than a weeknight because I do try to stay off the computer after work. After staring at the screen and typing all day, I need to take a break.

1. Candles & lights: My ultimate way to relax is by burning candles and turning on my twinkle lights. It creates the perfect ambiance for me to unwind and chill out.

2. Television: I am a TV person through and through but the weeknights are the ultimate TV nights because everything new is on. It's usually Bravo and the housewives but getting into bed to watch television after a long day is my favorite thing in the world.

3. Journaling: I end every day with writing in my journal and recapping my feelings on the day previous. It helps me clear my head and just wind down.

4. Planning: I have a few new planner systems going on right now in the New Year (post coming soon) and I've been loving sitting down with my new planner and getting things in order for the week and following days. *Definitely more of a Type A way to relax but true nonetheless

5. Pampering: I love a good face mask after a long day of work and just laying in bed with a face mask *or hand, hair, or feet mask* while watching trashy reality TV is awesome. I also love to take my sweet time with my skincare routine. Washing my face, putting a mask on, and then lathering myself in serums and moisturizers makes me feel so good.

All in all, I really try to stay off the computer and stay away from 'work' stuff, or anything really stressful. I try to avoid any blog work on weeknights too (which is why sometimes there are gaps in my schedule during the week) so I have zero responsibilities.

What are your favorite ways to relax on a weeknight?
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